Topics regarding layoffs at Superior Industries International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Superior Industries International Inc.

Numbers do the talking

Stock price plummets 20% (day not over yet) after the Quarterly performance results poster. Looks like investors are seeing through the non-GAAP numbers. Maybe the offer was a good deal with hindsight always being 20/20.

It’s been the plan all along.

Anyone else believe that the sale of Superior has been Majdi’s plan all along? No better way to become wealthy than cut US jobs, move everything to Mexico, then sell. Once completed, he will never look back. Shameful.

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Management’s latest achievement

As of September 2022 Superior Industries International has a market cap of $88.95 Million. This makes Superior Industries International the world's 6272th most valuable company by market cap according to our data. The market capitalization, commonly... —  read more 

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Smoke and Mirror Time

Management crows about .5% return on +$1.3B is sales? Continues to spotlight non-GAAP accounting to fluff performance. Stock has moved $0.70 in the last 52 weeks. C'mon man, time for a management change for stockholders.

Anyone Home at the Top?

Great slide on stock price since our quarterly results shared. Just like the Wizard of Oz, don’t look behind the non-GAAP curtain. Hope our new investors push for needed changes.

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Celebrating another loss!

Our clown Corp management team once again celebrates another loss this quarter relying on non-GAAP numbers for good news. Can’t make money on almost double revenue from last year. Rosetta outlook despite 70,000 trucks built and sitting on Ford lots... —  read more 

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Low bar for management

Why is losing less money than predicted a positive for management and press? We are in a tailspin and have operated in the red for so long. Still paying bonuses to executive team. Makes no sense at all.

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All Jobs Lost in US forever

Looks like no commitment ever to return jobs to the US and all wheels will continue to be made in Mexico and Europe. Shameful management decision and Lou Borick is turning over in his grave for this "abandon" strategy. Only US jobs are in the ivory... —  read more 

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Fayetteville Layoffs

Superior Industries will cut 250 jobs @ Fayetteville plant - more details in the media coverage below:

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