Topics regarding layoffs at Tower International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Tower International Inc.

It's Over

Tower as you guys knew it is gone. Within 6 months the Livonia building lease will be emptied out and the IT and Finance groups will take another reduction. Now that the GM truck frame program was given back there will also be some cuts in... — read more 

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Hold on tight

Hope nobody from Tower is feeling secure. Plans are slowly starting to leak or at least rumors of more cuts on the near horizon. Grand Rapids Office is said to be in trouble. Probably closed in next 6 months. IT is due to take a large hit as well... — read more 

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New Week- New cuts?

I’m sure I’m not the only one that had a stressful and sleepless weekend. This is far from over, I’m sure everybody is aware of that, so the first thing that comes to mind today is are there any rumors or info about where could the layoffs hit this... — read more 

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AGG cleaned house of 90% Tower employees putting new work in plants on current programs in risk. Integrators are terrified and customers like Ford GM are very upset. 270 some people are left on streets in a shocking nightmare. L&W, whom AGG bough out... — read more 

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New Leadership

What gives with the new CEO/Chairman phoning it in on meeting for Tower employees after the meeting? Seems cowardly? Also, was new COO a “plant” all along???

Sale almost complete

So the sale will be finalized in about 2 weeks. Word is already spreading that layoffs are coming. Hearing they want them done before end of year so they don't have to worry about paying bonuses. Also, hearing Grand Rapids office will be... — read more 

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the waiting game

How long until after the sale is finalized will more cuts come? Many rumblings out there. Appears IT and HR to take largest hits? Also, hearing possible office closings, top of that list is one in Grand Rapids and downsizing of current... — read more 

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Are layoffs coming

There are rumors that Tower is going to be having some big cuts in their corporate staff. Each department being looked at to downsize. With Finance, Technology, and IT being the biggest hit. Early to mid June looks like the time frame for these cuts.

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