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This whole thing is ridiculous

I have 21 years with the company never had a write-up in my file it comes down to the fact of whether your district manager likes you or not and I know for a fact that mine did not. There's no rhyme or reason I have worked with an assistant who is doing time card fraud giving items away to customers and because hes got the in with the district manager and their friends and they talk all the time he just got a slap on his wrist. But yet me if I was to do something like that I would have been gone a long time ago. Its supposed to be all service managers and stores that Received one truck a week then your store was going to be affected. But that's not the fact I know of stores that they were getting 2 trucks a week and because their district manager didn't like them they not only what that store manager go and then an assistant. They're spending so much money with this store of the future krapp that they put themselves in debt and said of stopping in realizing that All the money that they're pouring into all the stores is not giving them the results they need back there just pouring money down the dream and instead of giving the money back to their employee ease their lining their own pockets with it new phones every time you turn around free new leased cars. That's where you need to start cutting their expenses not with the people who are on your front line kÔÇôling themselves for pennies on the dollar aisle because you are greedy.

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