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Slow death...

Amazed at the number of talented folks leaving here in Cary. Just google "last day at sas" on LinkedIn... How bad is it going to get before the bottom falls out!!

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I and many others spent long careers helping design and build SAS software.

Ten years ago SAS was the leader in advanced analytics with a larger market share than its next seven competitors combined. During that same period, SAS was named the number one company to work for by Fortune magazine two years in a row. My have things changed.

It’s pretty clear SAS is run by an eccentric billionaire who can do whatever he wants. JG’s level of wealth and real estate holdings are sufficiently high that SAS did not have to take risks and make the right investments to fundamentally transform in evolving market dynamics.

SAS might as well have changed the title of R&D to SoR (Slog out Releases) because SAS all but stopped doing the kind of basic research from first principles that made it great back in the 80s and 90s.

SAS simply did not take the cloud computing phenomena nor open source seriously enough to fundamentally change the way it builds and deploys products. Much of SAS’ product value comes from an aging C progamming infrastructure built on an internal development framework that does not provide skill transfer usable at other companies.
This, and a below market salaries (especially with the lack of equity is factored in) is why SAS can no longer hire and retain A-list Engineering talent. In the post Covid “work from anywhere” environment, this is a double whammy, because major publicly traded tech companies who provide RSUs can cherry pick SAS talent and not require them to relocate to a more expensive region.

This can all basically be laid at the feet of executive management.

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It’ll be fine - They’ll just hire 20 more useless id--ts from NC State tomorrow.

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sas people: we should probably have a meeting about this to see what the millennials think

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Haven’t you heard? It’s The Great Resignation! Quick - wring your hands and act worried, maybe dream up some new company themes! That will stop our most valuable employees from leaving! Who needs them anyway? We have all these ancient directors and managers to do the work. They are highly competent!

What’s that you say? They don’t know how to actually DO any work? Oh. Right, right. When you stay in the same job for 20-25-30–35 years, things change around you. Why bother learning to do what your minions do all day? No one is holding you accountable! Pass that buck! Your job is to manage the poor suckers at the bottom! Which is to say, YOU get an 18-month paid vacation and YOU get an 18-month paid vacation and YOU get an 18-month paid vacation! #saslife #nolife #itsallbullshit #blessed #curiousityoverload #sooverit #dinosaurs #directorsw/odirectreports #managersdontmanage #cleanhouse #YOLO #selfcare #EIEIO #FML

There. That should put it in terms all the newest employees can understand.

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