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Haven’t you heard? It’s The Great Resignation! Quick - wring your hands and act worried, maybe dream up some new company themes! That will stop our most valuable employees from leaving! Who needs them anyway? We have all these ancient directors and managers to do the work. They are highly competent!

What’s that you say? They don’t know how to actually DO any work? Oh. Right, right. When you stay in the same job for 20-25-30–35 years, things change around you. Why bother learning to do what your minions do all day? No one is holding you accountable! Pass that buck! Your job is to manage the poor suckers at the bottom! Which is to say, YOU get an 18-month paid vacation and YOU get an 18-month paid vacation and YOU get an 18-month paid vacation! #saslife #nolife #itsallbullshit #blessed #curiousityoverload #sooverit #dinosaurs #directorsw/odirectreports #managersdontmanage #cleanhouse #YOLO #selfcare #EIEIO #FML

There. That should put it in terms all the newest employees can understand.

To all and E3 commenter. Micro-aggression alert. Women (spouse) take longer....? Good ole boy mentality. #dinosaurs are extinct.

As for the general topic of women, Devon lost its heart and soul when Marian Moon retired. How ignorantly ironic that you chose the phrase (sic) "the moon did not fly into the sky" when you woke up. Sir, I submit she did indeed fly.

She wrote the Quattro Pro algorithm that rewarded Mr. Nichols and his legend of a father for their vision to become one of the best at buying companies. We would be much better off with women who "Take a little longer" in our industry.