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How long until Broomfield CO office closes with secretive meetings with SVP at local hotel?

SVP of Global Support Karen Egan was in Broomfield colorado area last week and had secretive meetings at the Omni hotel nearby with other front-line tech support managers. What's THAT all about?

Recent job reqs for tech support have all been in "low-cost centers" (Costa Rica and Bangalore) for backfilling positions.

How long until $VMW decides to just ship support to low cost centers completely (and use Atlanta for federal support since it's considered "lower cost") and ditch Broomfield just like they did with Burlington a few years back?

Managers must think that employees don't look at the internal job openings and see where the new openings are based.

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You do realize that the Broomfield office building is currently closed right?

And for a “secretive” meeting to take place wouldn’t it be kinda d-mb for it to take place in the hotel right next door to the office building?

Ask your manager or manager what they talked about.

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They were like skip level meetings. If you have been to one then you will know it’s to get info on problems and ideas for solutions. If you want to know more then ask.

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Looking back, the closing of Burlington was the beginning of the end for GSS. I was still pretty early in my tenure, but even then could tell that it wasn't good and they ran off several of the best engineers I had worked with. People who were not only masters of their craft, but actually gave more of a sh!% about their customer problems than even some of the customers themselves. It has only gotten steadily worse in the years since then. Product quality and technical support have been in a neck-in-neck race to the bottom for almost a decade now.

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