Thread regarding Avaya layoffs

Death, Taxes & Avaya Bankruptcy

Remember this was all just a BS rumor by the 'shorters'

The board of directors have $500m they can use at any time

Avaya has $3b in reoccurring revenue

Avaya has grown significantly, it's just the transition to cloud that skews the earnings.

What am I missing here?

Now the next round of #Avaya bullsh-t positive spin begins.....get ready to be perpetually I'll buy superhero capes and orbits

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This is

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It's all hearsey.
Avaya is just awesome and we are on the right track. Skies the limit from here! Smells like success to me, myself and I. #themoreyouknowwwww

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And blow hard mindless marketing people who will always just be robots to what they are told to do, never ask questions, and always believe they are here for their pure greatness. Kinda feel bad for the old school marketing guys who have to be lumped in with the shameless self-promoters.

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The BS Spin has begun. Reminder. THIS IS NOT 2017. CLIENTS will NOT be forgiving this time. Don't fool yourself with that bullsh-t.

This filing is not ROSY as they imply.
This filing is DESPERATION to RUN from the Regulatory and Legal Realities.
The SEC and INVESTORS will have their day in court. It will not end well for AVAYA.

Death, Taxes and Avaya Bankruptcy. The Triad of Predicted Outcomes.

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Oh Wow. You mean like how this website is really REAL?

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