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Bah ha ha ha ha

YES. Literally. She hosted videos to say she planned to host videos because she has something to say. And the plan to say something is the actual content. No any actual content. Just that she believes herself to need to say something, we just are all still holding out a week later to find out if she actually ever has anything to say, other than she believes she should say something, and that we shouldn't judge her for not being articulate because it's not her fault she's just excited and inarticulate. So therefore we need to embrace her commnoty college system of lowering the bar, while simultaneously praising her for being exceptional. Quite the remarkable twist of ying and yang rules. #Clueless

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nah. Legal just finally addressed how severely ba_man violated basic social media etiquette when declaring themselves to also be a public figure of the company.
they just removed AVAYA from their handle. Ridiculous that it takes a year of a stupidity to finally take such action. It never should have been allowed. Also limited, and more accurate title.

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Batman changed his twitter handle. Anticipating redundancy?

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Not even worth it.
It never should have been allowed to the extent that people could call it out.
Then it should have been stopped ASAP once called out. Instead it was bizarrely celebrated and supported as if it was normal.
Now they remain b/c they are "protected" b/c they clai they've been a victim (other their own actions, yet they claim they are just innocent bystanders)
The more you call it out. They more protection they seem to have.
Bottom line. Absolutely unethical hire. Qualifications were bloated and not vetted for the role(s). The hiring manager(s) are accountable.

(Now brace for the snappy in your face tell of guided as a I love everyone Christian post with a nod to the Only Farmers prospects watching)

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But I got new hair extensions that I need to show and I'm getting tired of this bankruptcy time out they've asked me to honor. Give a buddy a break!
PS. I'm so smart I need to pretend I'm not! It's so hard to be me. Me. Me. Me.

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