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@zfh – do you realize that this idea of yours isn't new:

"They should penalize companies moving job to overseas with double taxation and remove all tax incentives at the expense of American Jobs. This is also tax evasion by companies (Companies save on ss taxes, medicare taxes, etc.) "

In fact, pretty much every democratic candidate for president has said this. But it never gets anywhere because the GOP never supports it.

I'm just pointing this out because you seem to support the president, who does NOT support this idea, and I thought I'd take a chance to enlighten you.


I see there are still some people stupid enough to believe that satellite signals are so weak and finicky that they go out at the first sign of weather.

Nope. The type of weather needed to disrupt a satellite signal is the same that would topple poles, and render any/all land or cell tower signal worthless. Of course, once the weather is done, there's no need to repair a satellite. The signal gets through again. Unlike standard wire service.