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Tu-d polishing by industry cling-ons

Like any one of these “industry experts” really has any idea. “Avaya customers aren’t going to leave Avaya. They would have done that at the last bankruptcy”. So decline in revenue is just down to reducing prices?

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These a analysts are now lining up to get back on Avaya's monthly retainer cycle. Some dropped off in past months and likely missed the guaranteed income.

What ki-ls me the most is that the only people who engage or follow these analysts are the vendors and the insider group. The end users/ clients really don't participate. It's a racket that needs to be imploded.

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And to think most of these analysts have historically been paid by Avaya marketing. Yet in defense of the Analysts, they were sold up a river and made to look the fool for trusting Avaya marketing smoke and mirrors.

Yet it is still most comical and entertaining that Avaya Go To Market Strategy is shredded to bits of uselessness. #personalbrand

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I 💜 how every analyst universally declares that Avaya marketing is useless! It's not even a question they raise. They all just unequivocally state that Avaya has no effective marketing. 😂🤣😂

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