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Oracle shutting down hardware business as of June 1

Based on the other threads below it is clear to me that oracle has decided to shut down the hardware business as of the new fiscal year starting June 1. Now if they had integrity they would have announced it so that investors, customers and employees would know, but that's not how oracle does business, so we're announcing it here and hopefully people will find out.

Oops, another secred out of the bag, that's just too bad three stooges

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@djhb: that may well be oracle's plan, unfortunately I'm quite sure it's a totally unrealistic one, me thinks the decline will be accelerating as customers realize that oracle is getting out of the HW business and will shut down their oracle HW purchase sooner rather than later. It's clear what the end game is here so why continue to waste money on oracle. Plus, more and more companies are going X86 any how for all the obvious reasons. Nobody in oracle HW should feel safe, the end comes much faster than you would like it to.

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Don't think that this rumour is completely true. Oracle HW business is actually shrinking each quarter but will not be closed completely. Layoff will continue over the next weeks searching for a profitable balance, the problem is that customers are moving to cloud and each quarter HW Business is not matching the target quota. There is no secret that the workload has decreased significantly (Sparc and Solaris mainly), so there will be more layoffs. For now Romania, India and and certain US location are safe, mostly all other location will be closed before the end of this year. HW is not longer a good deal.

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Its official now, the chilean system support center got closed. This is part of the reorganization which will continue.

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SFDC clearly ahead of oracle now with a partnership with ibm watson, and then there is all the stuff that Google and Amazon have been doing not to mention more specialized shops. MH/SC you stupid to know what that's about, LE had long ago checked out. Oracle is over and done with as a tech company

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Orcl has totally missed the cloud boat. That happened when LE said cloud is a fad back in '08. Orcl's only hope now is to figure out how to provide the next wave of AI services and software. That's not going to happen though because A) none of the AI talent in the industry want to work at a soul s---ing company like Orcl, and B) top execs don't have the foresight to start investing in AI.

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In addition to slowlaris and SPARC and disk, tape is dead too. Next gen T10000 tape drive is cancelled after 90% of R&D investment. A midrange tape library update will release in a few months (which no one will buy) and then almost all employees acquired thru Sun/Storagetek acquisition will get walking papers.

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Tomorrow the Chilean support center will be closed. No one thought regards the damage it would cause. For example the Disk team was one of the last teams handling storage issues in different languages, now customers with support contract will not longer be attended because there are no longer engineers with specific skill available. Same happens with other products. Oracle changed it focus to cloud and HW is not longer a large margin business. So customers are on their own on specific products. Other support centers will be closed (US, Europe) leaving few support centers open. For now the list of support centers that will maintained are Orlando, Denver, Boston and Bukarest(Romania), India; the rest of support centers will be closed before 1st July. Oracle toke the best of SUN and the rest went into the trash, HW is not longer a large margin buisness.

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Thanks. I agree that Oracle will be closing the hw division. My guess is they will first close the Sparc side of things leaving a smaller group with x86 engineered systems which still makes some money and that means most of hw will be gone by later this year.

Yes high time folks started looking out.

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Surely you are not expecting the d--k s---ers at HR to actually respond

They don't do that they just s--- away

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when Oracle labs was shutdown we(in the HW group) were told that it wouldn't happen to us.

Then BAM! 30% laid off in HW group.

To quote MH(I heard him say this in person and as best as I can recall),

"I'm not sure why we need the HW group when we can pick a Intel part off the shelf and plug it in."

Any comment HR?

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My husband got laid off today. Based in BOS.

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I was wondering why oracle had increased the spamming and now we know, they have resumed layoffs.

Now we know what the warning sign is

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The chilean system support center is going to be closed on Friday March 10. Nearly 200 system engineers (ACME, Disk, Solaris, Sparc and X86) will send home, most of them worked for 6 years in this company. Its obvious that the HW buisness its not longer profitable.

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a lots of jobs are being moved to Asia . That's the real fact.

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That would be LE and for some reasons I just don't see him doing all these decent things

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I'm not in the position to speculate about numbers that will be laid off.

But the last one takes out the trash, turns off the light and locks the door.

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You think they will keep more than 50% of the people after June 1?

My guess is more like 20%

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To be honest, I would put this in the category "fake news / alternative facts".

It's certainly possible that Oracle will only keep selling Engineered Systems and no more stand-alone boxes. But I find it to be unrealistic that Oracle shuts down is entire hardware business.

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You have to laugh at these endless attempts to spam discussion threads.

Is this what your life has come to LE? Propping up the oracle share price and your financial position with all the shares you have pledged as security for loans now depends on your ability to spam discussions. What a pathetic life you have!

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"No way will the HW business be shut down completely. The Oracle Cloud Machine and the Exadata Cloud Machine (on prem lease/OpEx) and Exadata Cloud Service (public cloud Exadata) are selling well and a key part of Oracle's strategy and messaging from the C-level. These products are among the few competitive advantages over AWS."

Agree with this but products are NOT competitive advantages. They are differentiation.

Oracle Cloud DOES offer broader SAAS for customers but design is dated and subscription costs uncompetitive. Specialized SAAS from companies like WDAY often better.

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@3uij - prediction based on various data points, and now that customers know about it I expect oracle HW revenue to decline faster than it has in the past and oracle to cut costs faster than it used to because in the short term cloud generates less revenues than on-prem sales (you get revenues on a monthly basis rather than on a lump sum) so it's a perfect storm that will hasten the decline. I may be off by a quartet or two, but if you are there, looking for a job and getting out of there asap should be a priority

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I was just trying to remember an example like you made. I agree the cost cutting will be to show investors smoke and mirrors oracle is on cloud path.

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Remember how fast DEC and SGI died. They used to make great systems, microprocessors and OS too. Oracle/Sun is in the same situation now. The market changed. Business loves cloud computing. And Amazon is the King of the cloud. Oracle has no chance to win in the cloud war. MH will keep cost cutting to show the "growth" in balance sheet.

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Is the main reason for your prediction i.e. closing hardware business by June 1, the result of talks about JF or do you have other reasons for it?

I can see a reorg happening between BUR and SCA but a full scale shutdown 4 months from now?

Not to mean that I don't see a complete shutdown happening. It would be a clean exit tbh. But based on how oracle works,I think it's going to be long drawn out process where they go on till like 100 employees are left who are told until the last day that " there is nothing to worry, we are just about to turn around the business".

Anyway I'm also not sure how u put a date on it.

Appreciate any details u can provide, even if u are only making predictions.

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LOL! Just listen to these useless HR idiots trying to tell people what not to say. Where does oracle find these useless babons?!

And yes oracle is so getting out of the hardware business and letting go of thousand of people in addition to the 3,000 it has already laid off this fiscal year (since June ).

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The strategy of oracle has changed significantly so has the market for hardware. You are ignorant to think the business will not change. You should be fired immediately for such ignorance.

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Thank HR. Do your job and stop trying to squash the truth from getting to innocent employees. These employees deserve to be given notice.

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Oracle is fully committed to their hardware portfolio. Hardware is an integral part of the software offering that Oracle make which is why they will never get rid of any of the hardware business. The responses on here are not consistent with Oracle and do not represent the company in any way, shape or form. As I should remind all my colleagues, all Oracle classifications should not be disclosed externally to third parties as it's against Oracle business rules.

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Lots of change is coming. What the full impact to hw business is yet to be realised.

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You've got a BS degree in BS. This isn't even a rumor inside of Oracle. Reorg? Yes- every HW vendor is reorganizing. Total shutdown of the business June 1? That's impossible given Oracle's size and how important leases/opex cloud machines are to the business.

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My manager at BUR is actively looking for a job! Says a lot about what he thinks is the future at BUR.

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I am looking for a new job as are my coworkers in SI. I think it's crazy to stay in sinking ship.HW is only going to get worse.

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I don't know there will be more cuts. I know there will a reorg in June. Wouldn't be surprised if there are more cuts during reorg.

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I heard more cuts on the way in HW. Anything on this?

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@1lbj - cloud machine selling, where? Which customers? HAs oracle sold more than 10 since it was realeased?

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"Oracle don't even report that in the earning reports anymore."

Yes they do....check the last quarterly report.

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No change in location from what I heard. Not necessary.

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Changing physical locations also? That's what I heard.

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I have heard that in June SPARC BUR and Santa Clara organizations will merge into one formally. This is already happening informally in the in systems. BUR and Santa Clara teams are now collaborating.

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The rumor is that BUR will lose it's HW teams to consolidate with SCA and Austin. It seems to have been expanded. At the same time JF and directors departing means a great deal of change is on it's way.

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