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FedEx labels have been created, delivery September 1st

One of my co-workers emailed that he received a notification from FedEx of a label created by Oracle America, Inc. I just checked and a label has been created for my home address. This is in the U.S. Looks like Friday is it for Sparc MicroElectronics.

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@2qak, go to FedEx Delivery Manager: (assuming you're in the US)

Once you sign up, you can choose to receive "delivery notification." Make sure you use the same home address that Oracle HR has for you.

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How do you check if there is a FedEx label created?

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The O is so shifty. WFH employees won’t be under the Warn act.

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To all the spouses that are a nervous wreck, known your significant other's skills are in high demand and that he or she will land on their feet and end up in a much better place. The benefits and pay will probably be even higher since Oracle never ever gives out raises.

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@rtb...we're definitely not the only spouses reading thelayoff! Wishing you, your spouse, and your family well.

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two labels created, one picked up, other not pickedup yet (both supposed to be delivered tomorrow(9/1)). zero e-mails, no notifications, no headsup etc. from O or HR. cannot access vacation balance anymore. good luck every one, moving on...

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@1mrq my thoughts exactly - ElReg literally copied a bunch of posts we had here on this thread and made no note on where the info is coming from. As a matter of fact they wrote so it sounds as if they (ElReg) were getting anon tips from Oracle employees... So low...

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It's not like the installed base is going anywhere

See the El Reg banner article (headline: "We just read and we'll pretend we came up with this story all by ourselves!" Hardware revenue:

2014: $5.37B

2015: $5.2B

2016: $4.67B

2017: $4.15B

As Scott used to say about our competitors, back in the good ol' days: Gaining speed. Losing altitude.

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And of course my husband who WANTS a package didn't get let go yet

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It's not like the installed base is going anywhere

ROFLMAO. It's not going anywhere. It's going anywhere but Oracle.

SPARC is going into Cloud infrastructure

In what parallel universe? Dude, whatever you're smoking, I want some.

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Good luck folks. As with nuclear war, the living will envy the dead. It's not like the installed base is going anywhere, and in spite of lots of shade being thrown, SPARC is going into Cloud infrastructure. Good luck to you, good luck to me.

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Here's the rub. My 17th service anniversary is SATURDAY. I get nuked tomorrow! This bites!

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Go to Apple, Intel, AMD, RedHat, hortonworks, AWS, Microsoft, MapR, Cloudera, Google, Salesforce, Workday, Nest, GE, Dell, EMC, Box etc as there are so many opportunities out there.

Good Luck

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For those who want to move on and explore MongoDB reach out to Britton LaRoche (ex-Oracle PSE) via @P2r7aVH

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Fedex=Yes... Austin, ME/HW/Sparc

Add me to the list.

This is it. I am glad it's over.

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I guess admins/mods noticed the commotion here as well:

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Reading this thread is like watching Sun die right in front of my eyes.

All - I am sorry you have to go through this - I am a long term customer and I've always loved your product - it was and is a piece of art (with all it's issues, still a masterpiece)...

The market is good right now and I am sure each of you will find something even better....


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This is bigger than Sparc/ME they are also hitting Solaris dev and Sustaining.

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I don't have see any Fedex Notification is present in my Friday Delivery Management, however I know I am getting RIF'ed as my management informed us this morning. So may be they are done creating fedex labels yet. I am in Solaris, remote worker

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Unable to check that on fedex website. Any ways to double check other than the "FedEx Delivery Manager"?

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@aek - I thought I was the only husband following this thread. I work in Financial Services and have nothing to do with Tech - I am glad it's all over - we are on the Fedex list as well - I am glad we'll be able to move on - this affected the whole family and it dragged out for way too long

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What are they going to do with a surplus of computers?

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@fsb - 2 labels - second one is for returning computer, badge

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Yes. Dir. Sr Dir. VP. IC5. IC6. Tons of them got notices this morning.

Most of them are the problems

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@fsb - 2 labels - the second one could be for you to return your computer/ badge

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As the spouse of an Oracle employee who's getting a FedEx delivery tomorrow, I'm relieved this b.s. of not knowing is finally ending. Good luck to all.

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Yes. Dir. Sr Dir. VP. IC5. IC6. Tons of them got notices this morning.

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Any manager received these notifications yet ? Or just employees

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SCA, SPARC team, two labels to be delivered via Fedex 9/1

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Is it just SPARC ME? Or is SPARC Systems HW affected too?

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This is getting repetitions but here it goes: SCA HW, 9/1, fedex

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For those claiming vacation balance was zero, you may want to wait until at least mid-day at a minimum to check it. They probably have until 5PM to generate and get the packages into Fedex. The label may just be the first step and the vacation balance dealt with after that.

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Happy Labor Day!

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Oracle is so classy in the industry. No further comments.

Be proud: you all were part of the Sun. Life goes on, and Sun rises daily regardless.

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ME SPARC SCA. Fedex 3 labels created. Vacation no zeroed.

Not sure what that means. Any experts know if this means they will avoid WARM somehow? Those bastards.

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concur @P23GpT5-eny

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It would be nice and appropriate if some higher up in upper Management from ME (MS, RL, ......) would elaborate / clarify, what changed since Jan layoffs in HW to trigger cancellation of S9/M9 and most of the Sparc HW/Solaris.

I think, at minimum, they owe us that, apart from all the stress / grief / long days and sleepless nights / missing family time, evenings, weekends / adverse impact on health, etc., to tape-out M4, T5/M5, M6, M7, M8, S7 and S8, after being acquired by Oracle, at breakneck speed and in record time.

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Fedex Notification is present.. for Friday Delivery..


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Got mine.

San Diego


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fedex, me sparc 9/1

just like pretty much everyone else here

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