Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

FedEx labels have been created, delivery September 1st

One of my co-workers emailed that he received a notification from FedEx of a label created by Oracle America, Inc. I just checked and a label has been created for my home address. This is in the U.S. Looks like Friday is it for Sparc MicroElectronics.

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  • Broomfield

  • HW

  • 9/1

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Another one here...

I am in Sparc HW and in San Diego.

Fedex scheduled for 9/1 @ 8 p.m. PDT.

The vacation thing is a hoax, nothing changed there....

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Warn will trigger in SCA. No doubting that.

Site: AUS.

Division: ME:HW:SPC

Vacation: that rumor was always junk. Don't know why so many people believed it.

FedEx is hitting everyone.

Good luck.

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That's downright unprofessional to let FedEx telegraph layoffs.

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Solaris team, SCA, Fedex package scheduled 9/1.

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RL's cpu team in SCA : package delivery by 9/1/17, Fri, 8pm

Only mystery / unknown now is

  • WARN or not ?

  • Who will be kept, if anyone, to fix Silicon bugs, if any, in M8 and for how long ?

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Nice! Thank you!

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For those on the payroll, will your severance be impacted because of it? Will you get paid the same as someone taken off payroll but they are just exploiting a loophole to avoid WARN?

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SCA SPARC team Friday fedex package. Hundreds of people probably received the notification.

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Sorry to hear ... I have gone through the process earlier this year and I can say that while this is one of the most disruptive events in one's life, it also has an opportunity in disguise for doing something better, to re-examine life to do better; an opportunity that is often hidden in plain sight while in a comfort zone of dissatisfaction; have faith that unexpected breaks will come - Keep your fortitude and positive mental attitude... you are more valuable and resilient than you may think you are!!! After all, you were the Sun's cream of the crop that shook the industry! Good luck!

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So classy Oracle! It's just so classy that your employees have to resort to lurking on to know what their status is with the company. How professional; how thoughtful; As far as I'm concerned I'm glad to be done with Oracle -- what a s**t show... Good luck folks -- land on your feet and make it work out good for you...

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It sounds like they're going to try avoiding a WARN by keeping a certain amount of people on the payroll for an extra month or two. You'll get a package today via FedEx, but your vacation balance won't be paid off until they've removed you from payroll.

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Team - ME

Location - San Diego

FedEx - Yes

Vacation 0 - No

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they really don't care 1 bit do they! Only ever a number.....

Europe will be done differently......i believe it is a phone call from either HR / or your Manager, then meeting invite with HR to sign-off terms & accept your redundancy, etc....

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Yes label waiting for me as well, San Diego Sparc HW. Would San Diego get WARN ?

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Same here, I have a fedex notice and my vacation is not zeroed out.

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Sparc team member

  • fedex = yes;

  • vac = not 0;

  • loc = sd;

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I too will be part of Club Unemployed. As to future, there are options

1.) Be a salaried employee somewhere else.

2.) Start my own venture. It will have "Acme" in its name. You see, somewhere in the desert there is a Coyote looking to buy weapons to hunt a Roadrunner. I'll be the one to provide those weapons. Does anyone have Marc Andreessen's phone number?

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Do they use a different carrier in the UK?

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If someone lives in an area that Fedex won't deliver to, then what do they do?

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Pre-sales people need to look and see if they are getting Fedex packages and if their PTO is zeroed out. Apps, Core-Tech, and HW. I even heard some cloud groups might be getting hit especially SAAS ERP because everything is going to NetSuite. OMCS should be on the lookout too.

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I have a fedex notice and my vacation is not zeroed out.

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For those who have receive fedex notification, can you share with us here if your vacation has been zero out? For whatever reasons does not work for me

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how widespread does this seem? are several pre-sales folks seeing this too?

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I got one too. Broomfield.

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I see the label ceated for me too. Shoe has dropped.

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I got my shipment notice SCA HW.

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Americas remote here. Got the FedEx notice this morning. It's on.

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Got one in San Diego. Sad to see it end.

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Check to see if your vacation time has been zeroed.

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Is there any chance I could become a Milton and just keep my office and sneak onto the payroll? They will think they laid me off but because of a bug in their system that they can't fix, I am somehow still getting paid? Oh please for the love of God, I have kids to pay for and college. Don't these people know this? My wife has a disability and can't work. I am really upset.

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its stupid of Oracle to not give this business of sending packet to USPS. USPS has to keep increasing cost of stamps by 2 cents every year. Why can't businesses support federal institutions.

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I also confirmed fedex delivery from Oracle. It is scheduled for Fri 9/1 8pm. I am ME (sparc). Time to move on. Good luck everyone!

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I'm in Broomfield hardware. Got a notice from Fedex.

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I got mine. SCA mechanical group

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I login to fedex and sign up for delivery manager. I see a package waiting for me scheduled delivery 1st September by 8PM. My hands and legs are shaking. Increased heart beat.

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I got mine SCA HW.

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For those checking, you have to create your own fedex account with your home address, then setup "FedEx Delivery Manager", confirm some personal information, then go to this page:

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I'm in ME. I received Oracle delivery confirmation for tomorrow, 8/31.

Good luck to my fellow ex-SUNers!

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I also got one scheduled 9/1 8pm.

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