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COBRA help for 9/1 RIF

7+ days into unanswered call to 3rd party COBRA provider on how to expedite enrollment. Can anyone help with any practical advice? I'm not subject to WARN so my benefits ended 9/1 . I know that COBRA for the 1st month is retroactive and fully funded by Oracle but I have extenuating circumstances for dependent living out of state who has mental health issues where denied medical services or "hassle" for "routine" things could result in severe consequences. This dependent does not have sufficient funds to pay for services up front.

When I called the 3rd party COBRA provider, the recording said the preferred route was to use email (an oracle address) but our termination packet said to only use that alias only in an emergency. I went ahead and followed up with an email yesterday but that too is unanswered.

Just spoke to UHC and they confirmed that any claims or confirmation of insurance would be denied. The rep said that the person he spoke to right before me was asking the same question. Not concerned for me but for struggling dependent. This does not warrant "emergency" by anyones standard but under the covers, situation teetering on potential collapse. Dealing with the stress of everything going on and then having to deal with a breakdown of a service we supposedly already have... Any practical and constructive advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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I doubt you'll be able to get the severance check on the 9/15. I, too, received the agreement on the 9/7 and mailed it out the same day. However, you have a 7-day cancellation they'll have to wait for that waiting period before they can process. My best guesstimate would be 9/22 but would be thrilled if it's before then.

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I was laid off on 9/1, and am still waiting for the COBRA paperwork and lump sum severance. I got the release form last Thurs., and got it back in the mail on Fri. I know COBRA is retroactive to the beginning of this month, but nerve wracking waiting to see how you handle it if you need doctor/prescriptions. As well as what the fee may be for continuing. I checked for some online prices of individual medical policies, and they are very expensive as well! Guess I should contact [email protected] and ask when I should receive the info, but hoping it will be here along with direct deposit of severance by the 15th (since that's the normal bi-monthly pay date).

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I concur with contacting Oracle benefits and stating your case. Just FYI, I was laid off last Wed and went to a doctor's appt the next day with no problem. I know that's not your situation, just a data point. Best of luck to you.

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Yes if you had it while employed

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Does COBRA cover dental insurance also ?

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That 3rd party COBRA will not call you back. You just have to keep trying and you will eventually reach a live person. It took me 4 calls but I eventually got someone and they were helpful.

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I just went thru the Oracle Cobra process. In my case,

I left Oracle for early retirement and I requested the benefit

folks to send me a pdf copy of the Cobra package. I printed out

and send it in with the check for the first payment. You should

follow up with a phone call to the AG Sieben after your cheque cleared

to make sure they reinstate your coverage. In my case, they cashed

my check but didn't do anything!! Good thing that I was paranoid

and followed up with a phone call. Hope that helps..

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Just wanted to say that I'm sorry. You should NOT have to go through this!

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Obamacare might be cheaper than COBRA. With that said, I believe Oracle pays for the first month of COBRA? They won't pay for Obamacare.

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Let head of HR and Legal know that there's a problem. Email them an urgent email

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Have you tried contacting [email protected]? I was recently laid off and they responded to me within 24 hours for my questions. They also have the 650-506-9800 number (choose option 1) to leave a message. The way COBRA works is this: After Oracle has your signed release form and all equipment back, they send out the COBRA paperwork. I received mine approximately 2 and a half weeks after my layoff date. (In my case, I worked from home and had to mail back my laptop, etc. so that probably delayed my receipt of paperwork.) The letter will state that you are covered through September (30 days) by Oracle and then you will be responsible to pay for benefits. I was given 30 days from the date of the letter to confirm COBRA with them. (I noticed that I had no access to my UHC account, etc. until I got my COBRA letter. So they do reinstate your account retroactively.). Hope this helps.

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