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Why Is Oracle Hiring a Month after Announcing Layoffs?

Thought this was an interesting read:

From the article:

Oracle’s latest hiring announcement negates the viewpoint that Oracle resorted to layoffs solely as a cost-cutting exercise. Employee costs are a significant expenditure for technology companies. So, technology companies often resort to layoffs to keep tabs on these costs.

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The job ads are fake. There are open reqs in the system, but if you apply for them you get told they are "on hold". They also make announcements of hirings a few days they do a significant layoff. Remember the "we're hiring 5000 cloud people" then a few days later they fired 2000 sparc and solaris people. They're also firing cloud people at the moment. I was talking to one of them a few days ago. There's trouble in paradise.

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Because they're hiring cloud expertise, not Sparc/Solaris and got rid of the people associated with old technology .

If they reduced salary expense at the same time, that's even better. Next I predict the on premise support people and field engineering will be reduced - if there's no new hw and they push you to a cloud solution why have any customer hw support.....

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I was around for the January SPARC layoffs as well, in Austin. A few NCG's, and a few experienced people let go. Then EVERYONE let go on September 1. The purpose of this layoff was, pure and simple, to get rid of the R&D expense of SPARC entirely. I left in March. I was fully expecting this to happen, but for it to happen after the processor that was currently in design to finish (in other words, to get some revenue out of what was spent so far). But I was wrong.

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This round of layoffs included everyone including new college grads. I don't think the HW/SPARC layoff purpose was to replace experiences with cheaper employees.

Even the January layoffs were there was reduction in force , 2 college grads from my team were removed and all experienced stayed.

I don't think replacing experienced expensive employee with a new cheaper one is the only purpose of these layoffs

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t's a wink and a nod. In scaling down a workforce, A large part of job openings are budgetary holds. No manager wants to lose their spend. If you kill the job requisition, it reduces your next budget. Just one deciding factor. Very disingenious to include these numbers in the job openings reported at local, state and federal level.

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exactly, is one of the most obvious cost-cutting strategy that only blind (or paid to be blind) analysts cannot see. just replace highly-experienced engineers with fresh graduated low cost unexperienced juniors. same or more headcount, much less operating cost. analysts happy. stock price rise. everyone clapping at oracle execs being pure geniuses.

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Cost reduction strategy: replace experience people with inexperienced and less expensive people. Quality - not a concern for the 3 Stooges

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I was part of a 2015 layoff and have been seeing the job I did advertised off and on since then. The requirements they list are laughable. But think about how all companies continously advertise jobs now because the cost of doing so is effectively $0.00. You don't know if it is real or a facade.

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