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2018 Syniverse layoffs - about 300 people (15%)

This week, Syniverse has internally announced laying off 15 % of its

employees, worldwide. That means 300 employees are affected. The

layoffs mainly happen in the US (Tampa, Florida) and India,

although other locations are affected, as well.

In related news, just a few months ago, Syniverse internally

announced to close down its mobile roaming data clearing house (DCH)

development center in Rüsselsheim, Germany until the end of 2018.

This amounts to laying off another ~ 65 employees.

This follows the previous layoff of ~ 40 Syniverse operations

engineers in 2016, also in Rüsselsheim, the 2017 shutdown of the

Syniverse A2P office in Würzburg, Germany (~ 60 employees), and

the constant layoffs in other Syniverse offices around the world

Syniverse is well known for since it's owned by the Carlyle Group

(a private equity corporation).

As always, Syniverse management plans to off-shore the work done

by the laid off engineers to remote locations like India and

Costa Rica. It's confident that this disruptive reorganization

doesn't impact the service-level agreements with existing

customers and magically leads to a path of ultra growth and rapid

innovation (executed by newly hired and inexperienced engineers).

Giving the history and current developments, it's likely that

Syniverse will also shutdown its last remaining office in

Germany, Bonn in the next 1 to 2 years. Followed by Europe

Headquarters in Luxembourg in 2 to 3 years.

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Layoffs continue to grow in Luxembourg subsidiary, more people got fired in January 2019. Surely this is by far not the end, special emissary work hard to accomplish the mission.

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Issue with this company..Top level management VP and above had no layoffs but workers were let go which is very incorrect. This company has no clue in terms of overall alignment. Operations is a mess..too many C level for a small company, no new products, no new business i am pretty sure in 6 months company will loose Sprint and other negotiations with tier 1 customers will result in more free bees which will result in more cuts.

Company spent more on brand name which was Lipstick on a .p..

I am sure people who are left in the company should look for oppurtunities in 6 months as this company will go year!!!

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