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Syniverse Layoffs March 2020

Layoffs are coming again, this time the company cannot wait until the typical June month, they will start in March. Dean Douglas the CEO says we are a software company now but we have more VP’s and Directors than developers, this is how far out of... —  read more 

Issue with this company

Top level management VP and above had no layoffs but workers were let go which is very incorrect. This company has no clue in terms of overall alignment. Operations is a mess..too many C level for a small company, no new products, no new business i... —  read more 

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Not surprised they do any layoffs at Center versus the management there absolutely s---s

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Layoffs on March 26th

"The layoffs will continue until moral improves". Most employees are hoping to get let go. It is like working in a Gulag. No cheer. No excitement. No hope. Only the drudgery. Do us a favor, Carlyle. Sell the company to Radio Shack. Or Sears. I am... —  read more 

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