Topics regarding layoffs at TTM Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at TTM Technologies

TTM Chippewa????

All the directors were let go, supervisors were promoted to managers, security was replaced by an outside company. Weekly machines are being taken out, either trashed or being shipped somewhere. Employees were told in meetings the reason for getting... — read more 

TTM Chippewa Falls layoffs

Offered a severance package for 60 and older last week. This morning weekend shifts were told they have a month left to work. About 60 people work the weekends, they were offered a severance package or try to find a job on a different shift.


There is lots of overtime at TTM - it's all (or mostly) on short notice - they often need to cut hours, so cancelling too... There is not much flexibility at TTM as it relates to scheduling - not sure if I can say that my work and effort were... — read more 

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2014 Layoffs

Hi - Do you have any info on the layoffs for this year (2014) - I might be joining and wanted to see if TTM might be letting people go

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Suzhou, China

BTW, not sure if this counts, but China ops are affected with layoffs too - almost 1000 people were axed in Suzhou. That puppy got closed... TTM is a weird beast...

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