Topics regarding layoffs at TTM Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at TTM Technologies

TTM Chippewa Falls layoffs

Offered a severance package for 60 and older last week. This morning weekend shifts were told they have a month left to work. About 60 people work the weekends, they were offered a severance package or try to find a job on a different shift.


There is lots of overtime at TTM - it's all (or mostly) on short notice - they often need to cut hours, so cancelling too... There is not much flexibility at TTM as it relates to scheduling - not sure if I can say that my work and effort were... —  read more 

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2014 Layoffs

Hi - Do you have any info on the layoffs for this year (2014) - I might be joining and wanted to see if TTM might be letting people go

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Suzhou, China

BTW, not sure if this counts, but China ops are affected with layoffs too - almost 1000 people were axed in Suzhou. That puppy got closed... TTM is a weird beast...

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