Topics regarding layoffs at Flex

Topics regarding layoffs at Flex

Flex top managements are finally getting caught running things into the ground from their gross negligence and incompetence!

So true and best description of why Flex is in so much trouble in 2018 at: “You will probably get laid off before you find your next job. The clowns at the top are finally getting... —  read more 

More cuts, more pain in 2018

I hope things improve but this is not looking good for Flextronics in 2018 - we can only guess what's in store in Q2 and beyond:

Flextronics 2018 layoffs

You'll be told several times every year that your position may be eliminated, but then they will change their mind and they will reverse the decision. I know some people who were given a written notice only to find out that Flextronics is changing... —  read more 

Flextronics Layoffs 2015

Now I hear rumors that we might reorganize. Do you think that we may be laying people off if Flextronics decides to reorganize? Many people are anxious, I've been with the company a few years, I heard that it might get ugly.

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