Topics regarding layoffs at XPO

Topics regarding layoffs at XPO

XPO meeting 11/18/2019 Njv

11/18/2019 No Layoffs for NJV-Jacksonville,fl Location. 11/20/2019- 2 terminations un-annouced after working 12hr shifts. Perniment terminations, No Options for Layoff. NJV allowed 2 transfers less than 45 days ago, then terminated 2-2yr Drivers... — read more 

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Layoffs 2019

The upper management of this company cannot be trusted. They are currently working hard to run their drivers into the ground. Moving as much freight with minimal manpower as to over inflate their earnings and stock price. Maybe the top id–ts are... — read more 

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XPO Logistics Layoffs 2017

If someone asks you about layoffs do not discuss it please listen to me - just ignore the question - the HR is for sure (I am assuming) email traffic and website you surf, at least here in corporate in Greenwich.

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