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Telecommunications, Telco, Communication and Electronic Communication
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Private company. No ticker. Not Listed.
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Not applicable
About Genband:
Genband builds technology that allows fixed wireline and wireless companies to migrate to next-generation networks. According to Genband's CEO Charlie Vogt, all telecommunication networks globally will be IP-based by 2020, creating both greater interoperability and greater security challenges. According to Genband's CEO Charlie Vogt, all telecommunication networks globally will be IP-based by 2020, creating both greater interoperability and greater security challenges.
Revenue information:
Genband is located in Plano, TX (Texas). It was established in 1999. 2004 estimated revenue was $4.9 million. 2007 Estimated revenue was $93.7 million. It's estimated that it employed 550 resources in 2008. You can visit Genband's website here:
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Posts regarding layoffs at Genband

(Sat 02/22/14 06:41:55 UTC)

What does Genband do?

Just need a little bit of information, doing some research

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(Thu 01/23/14 20:14:26 UTC)

Incapable Management

Pretty short sighted, you'll see this company fail over next 5 years

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(Wed 01/15/14 01:58:45 UTC)

Pulling the strings

Guess who is pulling the strings at Genband - not for much longer though

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(Mon 05/06/13 03:27:43 UTC)

This blog is as dead in the water as Genband


(Sun 02/24/13 08:29:10 UTC)

anyone KNOWs

who owns genband

(Fri 12/28/12 06:54:49 UTC)

I hear that they are starting to revamp their sales department by putting together a brand new inside sales team.


(Sun 12/23/12 18:21:17 UTC)

I also had purchased stock options in the 2000-2002 time frame, I was informed that they did a 1 for 10 reverse split. This left me with 1/10 of my options, but I am still holding on to them. Are these worth anything if Genband eventually does go public? Just hoping...


(Wed 12/05/12 17:41:42 UTC)

please let me know

can you buy direct of genband

(Thu 11/15/12 03:50:35 UTC)

I was at genband nearly 3 years in 2000 - 2003.. I purchased stock options, some were purchased back. Does anyone know if they have any value? I know the company is still privately owned. Thanks


(Fri 11/09/12 15:17:04 UTC)

From the sound of it, layoffs will be increasing even more! Do you have a Plan B? Work At Home United has been helping families achieve financial stability for years... don't wait till you get your layoff notice. Take action now. Visit


(Mon 10/01/12 12:19:24 UTC)

There goes a tumbleweed....


(Thu 08/16/12 03:01:36 UTC)

Dear Anonymous Customer Service, You are definitely one of the lucky ones. Not only did you survive the Nortel layoffs and get those one or two highly controversial bonuses durings Ch 11 but you made it last long enough at Genband to be shown the door, if you will, with a handsome thank you only to ... read more

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(Mon 08/13/12 23:51:28 UTC)

Getting laid off from Genband was one of the best things to happen to me. I got a fair serverace based on my many years at Nortel, I left the pressure cooker, got some nice contracting gigs where thngs are being built and not torn down AND got more money. PLUS my clients really appreciate my work. ... read more


(Sat 08/11/12 04:32:44 UTC)

In addition to the Bora-Bora / Four Seasons outing, GB conducted a lavish off site sales meeting at a Scottsdale, AZ resort the previous week. Hundreds of employees involved in sales and supporting roles participated. This behavior has been taking place for many years! One of the most profound ... read more

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(Wed 08/08/12 23:03:43 UTC)

New layoffs today.


(Wed 08/08/12 23:03:32 UTC)

New layoffs today.


(Wed 08/08/12 23:03:16 UTC)

New layoffs today.


(Wed 08/08/12 22:43:10 UTC)

New layoffs today.


(Thu 08/02/12 21:00:59 UTC)

Yep, there's been mgmnt changes alright in CALA. Carlos Brito left end of 2011 and then Felix Guanche stepped into that role only to be let go in June. Bert Valdes is now the go to guy for CALA sales. Other comments welcomed!!


(Thu 08/02/12 03:20:05 UTC)

continue: Can anyone confirm if those layoffs were in Mexico, Brazil or Miami/Ft. Lauderdale?


(Thu 08/02/12 03:18:32 UTC)

Hello, I'm hearing there were layoffs at Genband's Latin America sales operations in June or July. Can anyone confirm?


(Sat 07/28/12 03:07:11 UTC)

Such a small company with so many CXO, so many managers, ridiculous!


(Thu 07/19/12 02:59:02 UTC)

I do not see why you guys see all in negative light - Genband is a good company if compared to other places where I worked before. Yes, layoffs happen but workforce reduction is something that all companies engage in...

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(Wed 07/18/12 07:55:32 UTC)

Here we go again

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(Sat 07/14/12 18:29:18 UTC)

It's not getting better. Another layoff is about to occur following very soft 2Q12 sales but this should come as no surprise as sales are around 1/2 of their origional plan. As stated in my earlier posting, use this time wisely (to find another job). If you receive a Genband job offer, run!!

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(Thu 07/12/12 06:13:14 UTC)

I heard as well as the packet line gateway, the c15 development team has been pretty much disbanded. Anyone able to confirm that?

Anon customer

(Sun 06/03/12 00:50:21 UTC)

The only regret is working so hard for it.


(Sun 06/03/12 00:47:39 UTC)

No longer a Genbander...


(Sun 05/27/12 17:42:40 UTC)

Too funny....Casper the Ghost. Totally agree the GENBAND support is lacking. Wish I would have met that AAA, anybody know where he is today?

Disappointed Customer

(Sun 05/27/12 17:33:11 UTC)

I could not agree more with the comment from "Looking for Legacy GENBAND" on bringing that guy back. He took ownership and made things happen even when his team should not but he was all about getting it done and keeping us happy. The CEO definitely needs to take a step back and look at the ... read more

Concerned Customer

(Sun 05/27/12 05:41:10 UTC)

Two Buck needs to overhaul the Custmer Service organization starting at the top and much of the second layer. The top seat is a former Nortel Supply Chain guy who took over Support towards the end so hardly a seasoned vet to run the group. Many legacy GENBAND customers can't believe the Nortel ... read more

Looking for the Old GENBAND

(Sun 05/27/12 05:22:59 UTC)

@anonymous2, the reason customers still do business with this company is only because they are not yet ready to transform their networks. When they do it will be Metaswitch and Sonus who win the business. Watch what the company does when they lose Verizon, AT&T or both.


(Mon 05/21/12 22:34:38 UTC)

Genband only care about the executives and their so called IPO. Mark my words, they will be bankrupt before Christmas 2012. A company can sell "boxes" as long as service and support is provided after the sell. GB only cares about the dollar and nothing else. Do keep in mind that a LOT of Nortel ... read more

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(Tue 04/24/12 01:42:51 UTC)

Genband's recent layoff, the week ending 4/20/12, negatively impacted 20-30% of their employees. Product engineering in China as well as employees in Europe and the US were affected. It also appears that Genband is retreating from their Packet Line Gateway strategy based on several key positions ... read more


(Tue 04/24/12 01:16:50 UTC)

With the exception of a small inner circle of management, Genband is one of the most unstable work enviornments in telecom. Revenue growth is through acquisition followed by judicious use of headcount reductions to control costs. The resulting work place make product deliverables, sales objectives ... read more


(Tue 04/17/12 18:00:07 UTC)

Another 20% RIF this week. very sad.


(Fri 12/02/11 13:39:30 UTC)

Another 10% cut this week, Merry Christmas from Two Buck


(Thu 05/19/11 22:05:42 UTC)

Confirmed. Genband layed off about 100 people today. One of Genband's Core Competencies is laying off people. Great job "Two Buck" Chuck!

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(Wed 05/18/11 19:44:59 UTC)

Genband laying off big time today. Is this Rumor True


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