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Ongoing RIFs

Heard of several people impacted across multiple theaters over the last 2 months.
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Genband France

Genband shutdown its operations in France Let go 30 employees.
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What does Genband do?

Just need a little bit of information, doing some research
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Incapable Management

Pretty short sighted, you'll see this company fail over next 5 years
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Pulling the strings

Guess who is pulling the strings at Genband - not for much longer though
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I was at genband nearly 3 years in 2000 - 2003.

I was at genband nearly 3 years in 2000 - 2003.. I purchased stock options, some were purchased back. Does anyone know if they have any value? I know the company is still privately owned. Thanks
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Yep, there's been mgmnt changes alright in CALA

Yep, there's been mgmnt changes alright in CALA. Carlos Brito left end of 2011 and then Felix Guanche stepped into that role only to be let go in June. Bert Valdes is now the go to guy for CALA sales. Other comments welcomed!!
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It's not getting better

It's not getting better. Another layoff is about to occur following very soft 2Q12 sales but this should come as no surprise as sales are around 1/2 of their origional plan. As stated in my earlier posting, use this time wisely (to find another job)... read more
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Too funny....Casper the Ghost

Too funny....Casper the Ghost. Totally agree the GENBAND support is lacking. Wish I would have met that AAA, anybody know where he is today?
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