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HNI Layoffs 2020

Do you think there may be small/medium/large HNI Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?


HNI leadership has been and continues to be a traditionally insulated group of Midwest males who believe who profess to be believers in the member culture but are nothing like the original founders. When Stan Askren took over it became a culture of... —  read more 

HNI Layoffs 2018

Layoffs always happen - don’t freak out - be coooool… you cannot change that fact. Accept it and focus on work. We are not safe here in Muscatine Iowa.

HNI Layoffs 2017

If I tell you what - I am concerned you'll laugh - but how can you ignore so many warning signs here in Muscatine Iowa.

Artcobell Corp

I guess HNI finally gave up. You bought Artcobell Corp in 2011. You didn't know a thing about the K-12 furniture industry and five years later you still could not figure it out. Teresa and Eric came in and could not make it work. I guess Eric will... —  read more 

HNI Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of HNI layoffs in Muscatine in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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