Topics regarding layoffs at Petco Animal Supplies

Topics regarding layoffs at Petco Animal Supplies

New year new layoffs

Rumor has it people started to get notice same Petco new year as always. If you survive Jan wait till June. If you survive June wait till January this company doesn’t value people or pets.

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Don’t believe the hype

New leadership is smoke and mirrors, people leaving everyday due to poor moral and bad/ weak non retail leadership, lack of competitive pay and benifits. Same PETCO as ever just lay-offs and eliminations done in secret now not in mass. Need to focus... —  read more 

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January layoffs at Petco

140 people cut effective January 18, including the 55 from Doctor's Foster and Smith. Major organizational changes with adjusting teams and leadership roles. Email from CEO said remaining staff need to less with more. New info posted in an old... —  read more 


I am not with PETCO anymore but here are my two cents. The job was pretty easy if you know what you were doing and you are flexible and can adjust to the madness. Everyone should be prepared to to be on the cash register for at least twenty four... —  read more 

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