Topics regarding layoffs at Roche

Topics regarding layoffs at Roche

Roche Diabetes Care Layoffs soon

I'm in Indy and I heard this from colleague in Mannheim: Layoffs planned for around April 2019. 1000+ to be affected. Package will be offered for those not quite retirement age yet. What have you heard?

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Layoffs in Santaclara

Heard from a friend, a whole department has been laid off. Some of them were hired very recently a year or less. The future is bleak for this division in core research. Yet they continue to lure experienced people to hire and fire later. Stay away... —  read more 

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Roche Severance Payment

Is it true that Roche may be decrease the overall compensation offered via severance payments for the upcoming layoffs. Please let me know if you know anything.

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Roche layoffs 2015

2015 layoffs will be massive, a few patents are expiring and Roche's salesforce is bloated. You'll see probably around 500 jobs cut in 2015 across Roche.

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2011 Cut

I left in 2011. I was laid off together with almost 2000 people even though sales were up (Avastin, Herceptin and Xeloda hit all times high sales numbers) and things were improving. I was let go after 21 year with the company, many weekends spent at... —  read more 

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2013 Layoffs at Roche

Roche's 454 Life Sciences subsidiary axed around 100 jobs in Penzberg, Germany and 60 here in the states (Branford, CT) - this happened almost a year ago (I think in April 2013) - I used to work at this location (Branford) - I'd say almost 50% of all... —  read more 

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