Topics regarding layoffs at Thomas Cook

Topics regarding layoffs at Thomas Cook

Suing the company

Frankly, I think more people should get behind this. Over 1,000 Thomas Cook staff will take legal action after losing their jobs when the airline collapsed. At an event in Manchester on Friday, around 1,000 former employees came to sign up to... —  read more 

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So,how does this go down right now ?

I’m not an employee of this company, but my brother works at Thomas Cook, or maybe it’s better to say ” used to work”. First of all let me say that my heart goes out to all the people that have been affected by this. I know that the company is... —  read more 

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21000 Employee To Lose Jobs

So, if I am reading news correctly - TC folded yesterday and will be closing the shop. Given that over 20K people work for the company, isn't this going to be a major blow for the national economY/

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