Topics regarding layoffs at Toll Brothers Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Toll Brothers Inc.

Ongoing layoffs

Toll Brothers has been laying off employees consistently for over a month. I don't think it's done yet, despite the improvements in sales in the last month. I don't know how many exactly were cut, if anybody can share that info with us, please do... — read more 

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Toll Holdings is Hiring

There are no layoffs at Toll Holdings. On the contrary, Toll Holdings is adding headcount. Check out our careers page and you will find 10+ roles that are being open right now. So, no layoffs.

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2014 and good times @ Toll

I am with Pulte and I just stopped by to tell you that I know that you guys went through hard times and that I am glad that things are looking much better today. We are doing better as well and I am glad that all of us are improving. 2007 to 2009... — read more 

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