Topics regarding layoffs at Lennar Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lennar Corp.

Pushed out to PWC

20% of their tech folks were just let go. Another 78 or so people were pushed to accept an offer from PWC to change to consultants and keep working in their same roles until June. I suspect its all about making the books look good and keeping... —  read more 

2023 Layoff @ Lennar

Lennar Mortgage laid off 115 January 6, 2023 which appeared to be done to increase their stock price and confidence with shareholders which did increase share price. Tons of women, people who had disabilities and women over 40 laid off. Two weeks... —  read more 

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Doing well, for now

The earnings report is tomorrow and it will be a good one (unless I'm reading this completely wrong, which I doubt). We are doing great, at least for now. I am worried about a recession, though. Good numbers now will mean nothing in the long run if... —  read more 

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Lennar cuts

I was with Lennar in 2007 when massive cuts were rolled out - I was in Miami and I was let go. I was approaching my 60th birthday so finding new job was very difficult. After 3 years of searching I finally found work and even though my pay is not as... —  read more 

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