Topics regarding layoffs at Pulte Homes Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Pulte Homes Inc.


Random thoughts: CONSTRUCTION still leads the list in unemployment, yet Obama & Congress bailed out banks, AIG, Wall Street, and the freakin' auto industry (who was not nearly in trouble as deep as construction). Now, Obama adds veterans to the list... —  read more 

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2016 Layoffs at Pulte

If you look at how we have been performing lately you'll notice that Pulte might have major cuts in Q1 of 2016. 2015 was rough, and the stock has lost a ton of value, people are not happy and things are not developing in the right direction. At the... —  read more 

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Past and Future

In 2007 we eliminated pretty much half of all positions here at Pulte. Today, things are looking much better and we are expanding. It's the nature of the beast and you really cannot avoid it. I can tell you that Pulte's severance package is... —  read more 

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