Topics regarding layoffs at Tractor Supply Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Tractor Supply Co.

This job is as good as it gets for me

There aren’t many choices where I live and commuting 2 hours away to a larger city to work wasn’t feasible. It’s this or Walmart for me. It’s been 3 years and counting and while I hear a lot of “if you need the money then take it, if not - then run,”... —  read more 

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Pressure to go fulltime

I work Pt and have another job as well Pt. In between both I also have college. It is a lot on my plate but I want to be independent while trying to obtain a college degree. That being said, my SM keeps pressuring me to go full time. I keep... —  read more 

Store manager’s behavior

Our store manager is an id--t. He lets slackers get away with doing the bare minimum while being very hard on the good employees. As a receiver I’ve called him out on it many times and his reasoning is “we need them.” I’m like are you serious? It’s... —  read more 

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Losing all motivation?

I was a hard worker until I saw that hard work is worthless in this company. Since then, I only work the bare minimum. The irony is that ever since I stopped putting in true effort and do only what is necessary, I have a feeling that I am more... —  read more 

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There'll be more layoffs for sure

Somebody mentioned that a bunch of IT folks were already laid off this year, but I think that was just the start. I'm thinking we'll be looking at many more small, surgical cuts over the coming months. Actually, they're already happening. They're... —  read more 

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Stay away from this place

I know a lot of people are looking for a job right now and Tractor Supply is hiring, but trust me, you don't want to work here. There is zero job security because the management is all over the place. The district manager will hire a GM, let him... —  read more 


Tech Leader Award, Customer Engagement ROB MILLS, SVP & CIO, TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY Rob Mills earned the customer engagement award thanks to a host of technology he and his team have implemented to increase customer affiliation with the brand. Over... —  read more 

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Stores closing

There was a rumor that TS will be closing some locations but that turned out to be a hoax - they are doing well - they fire people, for performance reasons but there are no layoffs at least based on my knowledge. I hope all people realize that they... —  read more 

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