Topics regarding layoffs at University of Alaska Fairbanks

Topics regarding layoffs at University of Alaska Fairbanks

Covid spike

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It all makes sense now

By undermining the university system, Governor Dunleavy and his cronies can profit from the exploitation of Anwar while reducing the environmental resistance. "DEEP DIVE: TRUMP'S QUEST TO OPEN UP ANWR: POLITICO Magazine is out today with an... —  read more 

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Reality check check

"Let's get real. Political officials, regents, board members, and administrators know about lucrative and shady business deals, crony administrative positions, and high-priced pet projects. Teachers and teachers unions know about boring... —  read more 

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What’s the Matter With Alaska?

"The University of Alaska in Fairbanks is rated among the world’s top science institutions for studying the Arctic, a region that might well grow considerably in importance, in part due to climate change. A well-developed and well-educated Alaska is... —  read more 

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No Joke...

"A creative writing professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has reached out on social media to the world’s most popular comedians, begging them to report on recent budget cuts to the University of Alaska... —  read more 

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Maybe Alaskans don't care enough?

And why aren't people in the streets? Why aren't the unions and students protesting and demanding that Governor Dunleavy be removed? I know United Academics did a little, but did they do enough, given the magnitude of the cuts? Has the economy been... —  read more 

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Alaska enrollment down 31 percent

Enrollment declines, campus closings, economic losses and the hollowing out of America

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Layoffs ahead?

Alaska's governor proposes a 41 percent cut, the largest in a century, to the public university system. State's only medical education would be eliminated... —  read more 

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