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It all makes sense now

By undermining the university system, Governor Dunleavy and his cronies can profit from the exploitation of Anwar while reducing the environmental resistance. "DEEP DIVE: TRUMP'S QUEST TO OPEN UP ANWR: POLITICO Magazine is out today with an... —  read more 

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"Facing a massive and unprecedented 41 percent cut in state funding, the University of Alaska’s Board of Regents voted 10 to 1 to declare financial exigency, a move that will precede layoffs and program... —  read more 

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Reality check check

"Let's get real. Political officials, regents, board members, and administrators know about lucrative and shady business deals, crony administrative positions, and high-priced pet projects. Teachers and teachers unions know about boring, uncaring... —  read more 

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Worst case scenario?

Looks like Dunleavy is winning.

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Saw that one coming...

"Moody's Investors Service today sharply downgraded the rating of revenue bonds issued by the University of Alaska, citing an "unprecedented" single-year reduction in state funding of the... —  read more 

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Disasters, natural and man-made

"Johnsen has described the cut as “devastating” and “draconian,” and said it could result in the closing of campuses, slashing of degree programs and the elimination of at least 1,000 university jobs." "Johnsen, the UA president, has estimated the... —  read more 

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Governor Dunleavy not backing down

"...a spokesman for the governor, said the state still spends more than its peers on higher education and needed to find a way to tackle an estimated $1.6 billion deficit. “We’re out of time and money,” he said."... —  read more 

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How about you start maintaining standards, cut the fluff out of that ridiculous bureaucracy you call administration department, and focus on edu

How about you start maintaining standards, cut the fluff out of that ridiculous bureaucracy you call administration department, and focus on education instead of political activism in the classroom. Wife wants to move up when we get out of the... —  read more 

Education Dive Analysis

There are few choices if people don't want to do much. The first idea is to raise tuition. That's what other university systems have done. —  read more 

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Pay frozen over 4 years

I just realized that the cashier at the Tesoro gas station makes more money than I do, and have to have special license! This is going on the 5th year of a pay freeze. I’m done. UAA, Chancelor, President... you have failed.

Is this really happening?

And why aren't people in the streets? Why aren't the unions and students protesting and demanding that Governor Dunleavy be removed? Has the economy been so bad for so long that people don't care? If so, look for more unemployment, more store... —  read more 

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Big cuts ahead?

Alaska's governor proposes a 41 percent cut, the largest in a century, to the public university system. State's only medical education would be eliminated... —  read more 

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