Topics regarding layoffs at Vista Outdoor Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Vista Outdoor Inc.

Taking it out on the employees

Well vista stocks are still in the tank. Ammo market is still in the tank. Shareholders are p-ss-d. So the companies strategy is to cut 401k contributions from 6% down to 3%, raise healthcare cost 6% and ship FEDERAL’S rimfire work to CCI. They keep... —  read more 

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Manhattan Layoff

Sounds like Blackhawk is laying off a bunch of folks in Montana. Not sure if they are moving operations or shutting down due to slow downs, probably a combination of both. Sad to hear.

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Next layoff?

Every earnings announcement this stock drops big. Layoffs shortly after. Seriously vista and especially federal...when will you get your sh-- together? Your pissing of investors and your employees. Not to mention the employee stock buying program... —  read more 

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Call backs

Sounds like the call backs have started happening. Mostly charger operators, anybody heard anything about adjusters getting called back?

Kansas and Rantoul are next

Word on the street is that 20% of the staff is about to be laid off in the Kansas and Rantoul, IL offices. On top of it, Blackhawk folks have been given the ultimatum to move to the new headquarters out west, or walk out the door. The best days of... —  read more 

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Customers and retailers boycotting all Vista product lines. It looks like the rest of Vista is going to tank because of the shooting sports segment. Companies listen when customers speak with their wallets.

No layoffs just fired

Inside source says federal is working on starting to fire the lazy and worthless sitting on day shift. Hope it comes true to many good hard working people who outperformed them have already been let go.


Inside source says big layoff & shift restructure back to 5 days a week and 3 shifts after the 4th I want to not believe it but hard to say when you get plant shutdown after plant shutdown making everyone burn all the pto they have they are putting... —  read more 

More today

Rumor of More layoffs today at Vista Anoka federal ammo. 20 to 30 in the office. Maybe 200 in production. 32 hour work weeks. Can anyone confirm?

Told ya

Told ya so. More engineers were let go last week. Uh duh. This coming from a company that says they don't layoff people. What a joke. Crash and burn factory of the future punks

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Looks like production roll backs possible to pre-Obama levels. Ammo horders no longer scared and probably full! Recall pre-Obama levels for the company were around 900 people. Star Tribune reports that $1.25 million in funding from State of MN has... —  read more 

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