Topics regarding layoffs at Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Topics regarding layoffs at Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Mass Layoffs announced

We got an email that there will be layoffs in short time at piscataway location. Other locations are also affected? Please comment here. I knew chintu and chirag has sold this company for a petty money and disappeared leaving faithful employees in... —  read more 

More info on Amneal layoffs

They laid off 50 employees yesterday. Some very talented individuals worked for more than 10 years for the company . Sad day Any chance somebody has more info on these layoffs that took part earlier this week? What got hit? Is it done or can we... —  read more 

Everything has a price tag

Impax Laboratories Inc has agreed to pay $35 million to resolve part of litigation over claims it entered into an anticompetitive deal in a patent case to delay releasing a generic version of the acne medication Solodyn. Now this chunk of money will... —  read more 

Impax started selling their units

It is confirmed that group of industry owners acquired CorePharma, LLC from Impax. More sale is coming ahead. Further more in the state of the union 2018, Trump mentioned about reducing prices of prescription drug. This will create more pressure for... —  read more 

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Layoffs coming

I have heard that one of the bridgewater facility will be closing, because both Amneal and Impax have office locations in same town here. Also heard from management that most of the new people will be laid off.

Gas Station v/s Amneal

This is very similar to let say you are owning a gas station and you sign an agreement with someone to operate it. And whatever earned you get 75% from it and the guy who operates will keep 25%. You come to check things out once in a while but the... —  read more 

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Total Disaster for Amneal Employees

Chintu n Chirag should have remained as CEO. it’s a cash-free merger so they relinquished CEO position and in exchange got 75% holdings. They are still a co chairman in board but now all business decisions will be made by all members of the combined... —  read more 

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Layoffs - Calculated Predictions

Canaccord Genuity issued a note commenting on a potential tie-up between Impax Laboratories and Amneal Pharmaceuticals. The broker said the deal would consist of a cash-free merger of equals as both companies are cash-poor. Canaccord also said that a... —  read more 

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Amneal Lawsuit updates

Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. announced that the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, has found that the U.S. Patent 8,557,993 (the ?993 patent") protecting Livalo (pitavastatin calcium) is valid, and that generic drug... —  read more 

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Crazy Work Environment and Policies

I currently work at Bridgewater office. There have been company rule changes in a moments notice. Literally within hours after everyone has made a choice on what to do during inclement weather. We may not get an annual bonus this year. I'm not a fan... —  read more 

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