Topics regarding layoffs at Anadigics Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Anadigics Inc.

Here they go again!

Another 20-30 on Monday. Well done Ron and Team! You've done a great job keeping that turd floating while ruining countless lives. You should give yourselves more stock or pay raises. Shameful. You took a great place to work and destroyed it.

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Management has their heads up their asses. News flash you don't need alot of managers to steer your work force and all are typically overpaid full salary plus 20-50% bonus or more while the real workers get bamboozled with the defacto 3% raise if... — read more 

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Best Job in the world!

In my opinion, culture is the most important factor in a company. And this company has absolutely none! Hey, lets do something to boost moral and relax the workers -- "Lets put a ping pong table in the cafeteria!!" IDIOTS! Probably the last thing we... — read more 

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2014 Layoffs Confirmed

Layoffs are happening, February and March 2014, that's pretty much it - pray to God if you want to stay with Anadigics. But why would you want to stay with a company with horrible management. There is a ton of favoritism, rewards are not based on job... — read more 

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Ron Michel's 3 year report card

Ron Michels CEO has been in place for 3 years. Let's see what he and his leadership team have accomplished and if it is worth it. Revenue $217M down to $134M (A 40?% reduction) Gross Profit down from $76M to $8.3M (An 89% reduction) EBITDA down from... — read more 

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