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Here they go again!

Another 20-30 on Monday. Well done Ron and Team! You've done a great job keeping that turd floating while ruining countless lives. You should give yourselves more stock or pay raises. Shameful. You took a great place to work and destroyed it.


Management has their heads up their asses. News flash you don't need alot of managers to steer your work force and all are typically overpaid full salary plus 20-50% bonus or more while the real workers get bamboozled with the defacto 3% raise if... read more

July 2014 Cuts

Deep cuts in July, around 30% - the layoff is both wide and deep affecting many groups

Best Job in the world!

In my opinion, culture is the most important factor in a company. And this company has absolutely none! Hey, lets do something to boost moral and relax the workers -- "Lets put a ping pong table in the cafeteria!!" IDIOTS! Probably the last thing we... read more

2014 Layoffs Confirmed

Layoffs are happening, February and March 2014, that's pretty much it - pray to God if you want to stay with Anadigics. But why would you want to stay with a company with horrible management. There is a ton of favoritism, rewards are not based on job... read more
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Ron Michel's 3 year report card

Ron Michels CEO has been in place for 3 years. Let's see what he and his leadership team have accomplished and if it is worth it. Revenue $217M down to $134M (A 40?% reduction) Gross Profit down from $76M to $8.3M (An 89% reduction) EBITDA down from... read more
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I got axed 6 months ago

I got axed 6 months ago. Now, a better job, better paid, cannot complain, Anadigics is a dump anyway...
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