Topics regarding layoffs at Guaranteed Rate

Topics regarding layoffs at Guaranteed Rate

Using AI to get rid of staff

After Victor Ciradelli purchased Gateless to automate just about every position with artificial intelligence, no job there is safe. Makes you wonder when the CPFB will get triggered for them violating fair lending as AI does not know how to work with... —  read more 

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11/3 Layoff

We were all on our edges of our seats but the inevitable happened again. More layoffs for the ops teams. I was laid off today as a front end mortgage processor. My backend processor colleague was laid off too. It’s never ending.

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UWlayoffs 10/6

Another small round of lay-offs this Thursday. (Approx 8 people) Pipelines are dry and Gateless is being piloted to do most of our work for us. More downsizing anticipated.

More layoffs for GR in 2022

GR is laying off more divisions that were part of Stearns Wholesale. Most of the Jumbo team was laid off on Tuesday 2/1/2022. Beware! They have a reputation for hiring up when volume is good but quick to lay-off when volume drops.

Nature of the Beast

GRA will build their workforce up when volume is there and cut you faster than they hired you! Okay place to work, they preach family culture but don't be fooled. You are a number and they are a machine. Also get as much money upfront, because they... —  read more 

Layoffs are coming...

Layoffs, RIFs abound – be careful with GR, they are shrinking now (I left last year) Glassdoor reviews are managed, so you can disregard this – it’s overengineered by HR they keep it above average and will give you a swekewed picture about GR – read... —  read more 

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