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Biggest Cluster #uck on earth, Layed off Employees stranded, no help in sight,

Laid off hundreds of expats, no flights out of the Kingdom, inept Personnel Department want us to pay for and book flights from hubs out of country but won’t confirm company flights to the hubs! Expect us to empty company houses, turn in transportation vehicles and basically starve to death rotting here! E-mails of HR Advisors are full and there is no contact! Company expects us to spend severance money on airline tickets then have to beg for credits from the airlines when the flights get cancelled! Waiting months to leave this place while the limited talent left is overburdened, or inept makes a former employee doubtful that they were ever able to get oil out of the ground in the first place! As soon as the last Expat leaves, this place will implode due to the incompetence here! The culture is ill equipped to handle anything beyond PowerPoint presentations, flavor of the day training, awards ceremonies, and paper certificates that mean absolutely nothing. Forget anything you have ever learned except writing draft communications for locals who will use you as their personal servant to run personal errands, do their College Work for them, complete the work assigned to them, and demand gifts from you home country! A whole lot of “working from home” going on is not any different than locals waltzing in at 10:00, always leaving fir a Prayer, socializing at coffee shops for hours in between prayer, socializing in sofa areas throughout the Campuses, and leaving at 2:30. All this with hanging on their mobile phones throughout the day! By a miracle of God the oil comes out of the ground and is purchased, but if they wouldn’t throw money at expats, it would soon dry up! Forget that you are an adult because “Your Manager” will have complete control of your work life, your personal life, your healthcare, and your money! If He, there are no female managers, doesn’t like you, you’re life will be hell. If he likes you, it will be hell because he will use you like a servant, and you do owe him everything because he is your God and he knows it! The most demoralizing place on earth because you become well aware that you are powerless and at their mercy for Everything! Not bitter because I did what I had to do in order to support my Family, but being held here against my will is getting to be too much! Will be so happy to never return to this sandy hell on earth!