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JB Hunt Restructure and Reorg

What do you think - are we going to be better off here at JB Hunt once all shuffle is done, all cheese is moved and all new positions are filled. Are we gonna be a better company? Or is this just rearranging of chairs on the deck (while the ship is... —  read more 

J.B. Hunt is growing at the expense of its own workers

I read recently that J.B. Hunt is considered to be the fastest growing truck company right now. If that is really the case, then I have to say that growth is powered by the combination of a disgustingly bad treatment of its own employees, and the... —  read more 

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Always unsure how long will I work

Not a topic related to layoffs, but I see people complaining about their work conditions, and I definitely have something to say on that subject. J.B. Hunt is a good company for newcomers to the business, but when you are here for a longer amount of... —  read more 

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We don't need layoffs

There is something seriously rotten in this place and nobody seems to care to fix it. Last year turnover in my department was above 90 percent. This year is shaping up to be about the same. People are leaving for greener pastures and I can't blame... —  read more 

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Lousy management

Since people seem to be complaining here about J.B. let me add my 2 cents. Majority of management here is good for nothing. They are unprofessional, treat most of us like c-ap and not even trying to hide it when they have favorites. I mean, if you... —  read more 

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can't wait to leave this place

i'm not sure about other sites but the one i work at is a nightmare. not even sure where to start. everybody here is completely unprofessional - they complain about routes, who they are working with, everything and anything they can find to complain... —  read more 

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Stop bringing in people from the outside!

I'm really tired of being passed over for a promotion on account of people being brought in from the outside. For once, why doesn't this company have its recruiters focus on people within ? There are so many capable men and women here who are feeling... —  read more 

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We are hiring at JB Hunt

We are hiring at JB Hunt Average annual earnings projected at $51,000 $900 pay guarantee for the first 8 weeks Consistent schedule, pay, and time off Home daily; weekend reset Immediately start earning time off Dedicated deliveries to a single... —  read more 

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