Topics regarding layoffs at RingCentral Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at RingCentral Inc.

Next week

Has it been confirmed that cuts are done? I know Fridays are usually spared from layoffs, but what about next week? It would be nice to get some kind of confirmation that it is over or else many won't be able to relax at all throughout the weekend... —  read more 

Not well handled at all

There should have been much more transparency around this whole process. We shouldn't have to scramble for any bit of information over something as important as layoffs. This whole thing is stressful enough even without that added into the equation. —  read more 

ReOrg done

We had a reorg announcement last week and they managed resources well. No one got layoff, but some members moved to new or current product teams. I think such change is understandable.

Has anyone heard anything?

With more companies having layoffs (Zoom, Microsoft, Cisco, SalesForce, Amazon) has anyone heard anything about more layoffs at RingCentral in addition to the ones from a few months ago?

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More to come?

I hope that I will be able to keep my job here until I get another offer. Anxiety is huge. How many employees have been cut so far? Will there be more?

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RIF Nov 2022

I was part of the RIF and was in the marketing department. Seems like our group in marketing got hit pretty hard. What other groups were effected?

We can't afford any more RIFs

We're already struggling with work we need to get done. We can't lose one more person or things will start to fall apart. There's only so much of extra work any of us can take on and in my team, we have all reached our limit. If they keep having... —  read more 

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