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My uhaul “firing”

Hello My “firing” from uhaul April 8th was an absolute day of confusion. I have to tell people I was fired and not laid off because I failed to send an email to the correct authorities within a division or marketing area. Basically I sent an... —  read more 

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U-Haul Layoffs

More layoffs have taken place in the towers. I know of a handful of people who were let go today.

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Repwest Insurance and Uhaul

I was just laid off yesterday day. No explanations, no severance pay. I would have been there 6 years in June. I spoke to a coworker, these layoffs are happening across the board. Even exec's are being let go... so much for loyalty. I was told that... —  read more 


Uhaul business is going bankrupt due to covid 19 and now their firing ppl, not laying ppl off Thieves

A Verified Layoff

Yes, I was laid off Monday. No reason given. I spoke with someone from HR today and they said lay offs are happening across the board, but didn't say exactly how many.

they laid me off today

and tried to say they were letting go of the people with attendance and performance issues 1st. My mgr did a Teams meeting with me yesterday on my day off. Sorry sack of sh–...

More layoffs

A bunch of layoffs going on today. If only the company had a billionaire owner that could use some of his wealth to help the employees. Oh well.

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Massive Layoffs at U-Haul

I work at U-Haul. I've heard it's somewhere around this number (6000), while the field only has about 15k employees to begin with. This includes many people in the field (the majority), and also some people in the corporate towers (I don't have... —  read more 


Just wondering if anyone has heard any rumors of layoffs in the forecast? I know that recently they passed the law where min. wage went up. Work at home people got a raise with that. It's the slow season, I know, but been sent home early a lot this... —  read more 

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No layoffs, until 2015

I left last year, and we had no layoffs - we'll see how things pan out for the Corporate Office in Phoenix

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