Topics regarding layoffs at Avis Budget Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Avis Budget Group Inc.

Just wanted to say

A lot of Avis employees that were overworked and underpaid left for better jobs.. the ones with the easy office jobs that did nothing are the ones that survived. Avis now is full of a lot of weak management and lots of corporate debt! Miserable... —  read more 

1 instead of 3 employees?

Is it sustainable for a long time? Here one man does a job for several people, and it's been like that for a while. Such a pace of work is bearable to a certain point, but all those who are worth keeping have either already left here or intend to... —  read more 

What’s the average time?

I’ve been with ABG going on 3 years. I don’t know if I see myself here in the long term scheme of things but I was wondering if there is anyone who has made a career within the company. What’s the average length of time most employees spend here... —  read more 

Glad I didn’t wait

I was furloughed in the spring and after a few months I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to find other employment. It literally took me more than 3 months to find something adequate. The worst part is, I had been working a few months when I was... —  read more 

Did layoffs happen?

So I heard a rumor that we laid off some workers but nothing else. Came on here to check the boards but all is silent. Can anyone verify if this is true or if it’s just rumors as usual? And if it is confirmed, can we get some information on areas and... —  read more 

Ongoing layoffs

It seems to me there have been ongoing layoffs at Avis for the past several months. Nothing major, but each week I hear about a few people being cut here and there. Most of them furloughed but not all. Is this the plan? Lay people off consistently... —  read more 

No severance?

I've seen several people mention this and now I'm getting really worried. Is it true that Avis will no longer be giving severance to people who are laid off directly from being furloughed? I know severances are not mandated by law, but it's still... —  read more 

They want you to quit

they keep you on furlough hoping you will get desperate and look for another job and not come back then they do not have to pay you anything thus it is like you quit .and it goes on your job record with the state that you quit. @g–l+170aEfOs hit... —  read more 


Talking with mgmt concerns that locations not making money. After labor day drop in business could result in another furlough. Nothing confirmed but anyone who was furlough before please safe your money.


Avis is piece of c-ap. I filed my own claim and now bc this dumb–s company decided to file a claim on behalf after month being told I had too I didn't get my unemployment for week. This f—ing company s—s. Hate these incompetent hr and mgrs who... —  read more 


To all employees both furlough or hrs cut. Can we use this thread to get all info possible. Current conditions , any rumblings on if ppl will be brought back. Any word about layoffs. Are they keeping us safe etc....please leave a comment any info... —  read more 


Just fyi if u are working full time and hrs can file for unemployment benefits for reduced hrs and get 600 dollars... HR too busy running stress classes instead giving proper info..

Please furlough me

I am working more then ever! Cleaning cars, shuttling cars, renting cars.. coming in on my days off answering phone calls after hours.. I literally would only make $180 less a week on unemployment. I’d rather take that then having to work the hardest... —  read more 

SAP meeting

Handling Stress & Building Resiliency During the Pandemic Avis/budget hosting this between 6 to 8. Via zoom. If u want participate u should receive an email. If not contact mgr

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New layoffs coming?

Has anyone heard if more layoffs/furloughs are on the way? Why can’t they get rid of regionals and senior leaders to save the lower people? At this point I can’t stand ABG but have no choice.

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