Topics regarding layoffs at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Topics regarding layoffs at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Just one giant mafia

The same thing happened in 08. As soon as a recession hits they try to get rid of the highest paid employees. Most people end up getting "whacked" eventually. When my area manager got fired my regional manager even told me if someone hadn't got... —  read more 

Unreasonable deadlines

I’m literally constantly experiencing burnout. The deadlines we have now are irrational. I have been working here for a long time but there has never been such pressure. Someone said it well, that employees are required to complete the job... —  read more 

Gift Cards

I just saw on LinkedIn where Enterprise gave every employee a $100 gift card for employee appreciation for a total of over $8 million dollars. How many of you are still struggling after being let go?

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LinkedIn Group

If you're still looking for employment (like me) and are in the STL area, go to linkedin and search for Job Seekers Garden Club of St. Louis. Pretty active group with a lot of job postings and support. There's also a group called COVID-19 Disrupted... —  read more 

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I got lucky

I spent 2 years with the company then was laid off in the last round. It’s taken me this long, but I was finally able to find a job that I actually enjoy. It’s not in rental and I actually have a boss that doesn’t blow smoke up my butt. The pay and... —  read more 

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Is it really that bad?

I haven’t been with the company for more than a year but I can’t believe it’s now the dumpster fire that my former coworkers are claiming it is. It can’t be worse than our competition can it? I know there were some major layoffs months ago but I... —  read more 

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A reminder

It is always - no exception, always - easier to find a job when you already have one. This place is on its last legs. There'll be more cuts sooner rather than later and I don't think there is one person (other than those on the very top) who can... —  read more 

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Just checking in

I was with the company for almost 9 years when I became a casualty of the last round of layoffs. I managed to find a new job since then but it was not easy. I was wondering how others who were impacted are doing? Did anyone reapply for their position... —  read more 

Profits over people

This company is on par with walmart as to caring about the people who make the Taylor family their billions. I list it as one of the top ten evil corporations in the United States of America.


So are they still laying off permanently? It seems like they haven’t put much out there news wise of how many they let go, didn’t know with the fall of travel again if they decided to keep going.

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New York City Area

Anybody have any ideas when and if we will ever get a call to head back to work? I work at an airport branch and drove by the otherday and realized enterprise is closed and has a sign that all rentals are being handled at their next door neighbor... —  read more 

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Enterprise Corp

I see post how great enterprise is,however,area manage Chase sent Christmas card,little respect for those who got fired plus enterprise motto we will pick u up!!!!!!!

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Can anyone tell me what happened in the Cincinnati/Dayton market on layoffs or furloughs? I was in that market for a few years and those I worked with are gone. Area Managers, Group/Truck Rental Managers? Did they finally consolidate roles/areas? How... —  read more 

Poorly handled layoffs!

While it was not the company's fault, the way they are handling this certainly is. I have many friends who were impacted by furloughs/layoffs and what their companies are doing for them makes Enterprise look like the bottom of the barrel. You... —  read more 

Cars are filthy

THE company says the cars are being sanitized and cleaned employees are supposed to clean. It's not being done it's a joke I wonder how many employees will continue to get sick.

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Culture is DOA

I too am deeply disappointed by the way this was handled. Your mission statement- putting your customers first, employees second, and bottom line profit will follow has been exposed for what it really is. Profits and upper management grossly... —  read more 

Unemployment in Georgia

Anyone else confused about unemployment in Georgia? I was told to file my own claim after separation but now I’m not able to claim as they state my employer filed a claim. Any news on this? Are employers filing for terminated employees now?

Enterprise is Awful

Airbnb gives their laid-off employees a minimum of 14 weeks + 1 week for every year of employment severance and health insurance for a year, while Enterprise gives us a week per year, backdates two weeks of our severance, and cuts off health... —  read more 


I am writing this as a parent who watched her son get furloughed and then laid off during Covid. My son after many years of putting his maximum effort in, working countless hours, weekends and holidays, 10 to 12 days in a row. Lucky to get one day... —  read more 

I really need to know

Now I’m sure no one will no because clearly this company doesn’t even know, what’s their end game plan here? I guess I’m trying to still process how a company who has the money couldn’t handle figuring this out better, livelihoods have been... —  read more 

Zoom Call video

Please I hope someone recorded the zoom call where they thought they ended the call and started laughing! Someone must have been recording the call! It would be amazing to leak it out and see what the they are really about!!!!!!

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