Topics regarding layoffs at YRC Worldwide Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at YRC Worldwide Inc.

Dock only Montgomery il.

Ive been a DOCK ONLY guy for about 16 months at yellow/yrc in Montgomery cdl paying union dues and was put on lay off last week it stopped being a combo barn aftrr they hired me and a few other guys however only 2 of us stayed,i just dont get... —  read more 

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Ongoing layoffs

From what I've managed to put together from various rumors and comments (including here), we've been having ongoing layoffs in the last several weeks. There's also no way to determine when it will stop. Did I get this right? Can somebody share more... —  read more 

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Be prepared

11/9/22 I currently work at a terminal that was absorbed by Yellow LTL. There have been many out of town guys coming in and helping out due to driver and dockworker shortages... which is nothing new really. However, a group of guys that were... —  read more 

Grossly managed

Jason Bergman their Chief Revenue Officer has put every sales organization he has ever been in in trouble You can point to him as one of the managers that keep YRC In trouble. They need a management restricting not a government load

Need more layoffs. Cmon-lets go

The drop in bills as a percentage should correlate directly with the percentage of workers placed on layoff. Yrc freight has not even began to layoff the amount of people needed to match current freight levels. Do it. Do it now!

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Not surprised

This was inevitable when they merged roadway and yellow. Roadway was always profitable and now they are going under. They sold all the good equipment and got rid of the better roadway higher ups and kept all of the yellow flunkies

The volume is not there.

Every freight company in America is laying off right now. The volume just is not there. And workers are stressed out about the virus. So there calling in sick or just not showing up for work.

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No Dock Layoffs At 531

No one has been laid off in Oklahoma City. About 10 casuals are not being called in, but technically that is not laying them off. Casual means to occur by chance and they are not guaranteed work even if they do have a set schedule. YOU CAN'T LAYOFF A... —  read more 

This makes no sense

Why is YRC Freight laying off people while simultaneously posting job openings for the same positions as some of those who were laid off?!?!!? Can somebody please explain the logic behind this?

YRCW support Urbandale, IA

Transferring/cutting positions in the Urbandale, IA customer service/sales support/3pl support center. People are being told they are moving the positions to Kansas City home office. Those in the roles are being told they are converting to customer... —  read more 

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I used to work at 511 barn. 24 years and I quit because Yellow ruined it all. I am now in a new field making more money and love what Im doing. I really do hope yrc goes out of business... it is coming.. taking longer than I thought it was gonna take

New Year…2017

YRC still laying people off..they tend to layoff in small numbers each month to keep the news on the down low. No raises/cost of living in years for people who have stood by the company in good & bad times…sad!

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