Topics regarding layoffs at Alcoa Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Alcoa Inc.

Arconic LaPorte

LaPorte should really be looking into Management upstairs. There are bullies that make employees look bad and will stop at nothing to criticize and put then down. The threats do come if you say anything or stand up for yourself. Do not go to HR... —  read more 

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Acronic CEO Fired

Fun times in the Camelot - I think nobody should be surprised here, the politics did him in: Shares of Arconic Inc. ARNC, +3.05% surged 5.2% in premarket trade Monday, after the company said Chief Executive Klaus Kleinfeld was leaving the company... —  read more 


Elliott Management wants to run the company. The Board is behind Klaus. Arconic Files Definitive Proxy Materials, Issues Open Letter to Shareholders: Vote the WHITE Proxy Card Arconic (NYSE: ARNC) announced today it has filed definitive proxy... —  read more 

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Alcoa and Arconic

Hello all. This is just an update on Alcoa's and Arconic's stock. Alcoa has been on a run and is around 31.50. Arconic is said to be undervalued and is about 19.70. At the split for every 100 shares you received 100 sharers of Arconic and 33 shares... —  read more 

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So many people on layoff. I was too, for 5 weeks. Electrician here, and open positions were available in the remainder of the plant after our smelter closed.......but did they choose to move us across the plant, NO! Some genius at corporate must have... —  read more 

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AFSR Layoffs in September 2016

Any truth in this? There is a lot of chatter surrounding AFSR - the rumor is that even more layoffs may be coming in September. At this point it's all rumors. People are talking about up to 1K to be cut from AFSR before the split takes place. Cannot... —  read more 

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Get ready

Get ready you are about to be schooled in corporate manipulation and greed at a multi billion dollar level. During this time nothing is off the table. Changes that will be made may not be seen right away .They will be made as a trickling effect so... —  read more 

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Between john deere and alcoa being major employers in our area they will turn our area into the center of unemployment and welfare

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Tech Center

It's a shame. I lost my job at the tech center back in October 2015. Good luck to all of you going through layoffs right now.

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Fastener Business

Its sad to see what Alcoa is doing to the fastener business. Alcoa buys a factory then they close it and send it to other countries where the people get treated like dirt, for menial pay. One example is, they bought a small company in Newbury Park... —  read more 

Alcoa plant in Massena (West)

The Watertown Daily Times had a report on potential layoffs at Alcoa in West Massena - do you maybe have more info about what's going here? The info available is mostly by Alcoa and there is very little useful info on the web. I'd appreciate if... —  read more 

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Alcoa aluminum company is cutting 13,500 jobs - 13 percent of its worldwide workforce - including 450 employees at its Alcoa, Tenn.,...

Alcoa aluminum company is cutting 13,500 jobs - 13 percent of its worldwide workforce - including 450 employees at its Alcoa, Tenn., operations, leaving city officials "in shock." The Pittsburgh-based manufacturer is cutting all smelting at its... —  read more 

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