Topics regarding layoffs at Bass Pro Shops

Topics regarding layoffs at Bass Pro Shops

Who to contact?

I started bass pro not long ago and the club manager is absolutely horrible to me. She treats me like cr-p and starts rumors. I went to HR but he is too new and out GM is never in the store.

Price increases but no stock.

Anyone have a better understanding of why price increase got insane over the last month for products just at bass pro and why the southern market is getting screwed on inventory? We have things marked 10-20 percent higher than at academy or most... —  read more 

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Macon store

Is pretty bad when they conserve full-time 37 hours or less. To me full time is 40 hours, and the management sucks they expect one person to do everything & know everything! Everyone that’s good has Already left or plan on leaving. In micromanage... —  read more 


Keep cutting back the full-time hours to encourage to them to leave. Eventually a part-timers ran store will turn off customers looking for experienced help. I think the company is not getting the best corporate decision makers. Something something... —  read more 

Bass pro shops

You would think a Multimillion dollar company would up the pay for all of it’s employees with cost of living going up. But no they haven’t and probably never going to, this is why the company is loosing some many people.

Hours cut?

After all the complaints about a labor shortage they cut just about everyone’s hours at my store. Full timers are down to 34 hours and absolutely no overtime is allowed. A supervisor said it’s because sales throughout the entire company hit rock... —  read more 


I hate when new people come and try to act like leads we have two leads on the department. But 5 act like them and they are not leads. Leads act like they are HR managers or GM a think they think that they have too much power so they can harass us... —  read more 


Our store is being ran into the ground. New GM from Lowe’s has ran almost all the good people off and it’s absolutely horrible. Our best manager just left and the place is not the same. Corporate really should check out this store and try to get... —  read more 


The best manager in our store left after 16 years. Such a shame now the store will go down fast. Everyone should leave…the GM doesn’t like women and is always in his closed door office or on his cell phone. Too bad corporate wasn’t smart enough... —  read more 

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When new people come in and act like your lead or manger an they are not, when they have an attitude for no reason towards you. They keep hiring people that never last and take for granted the employees that have been here the longest like cr*p... —  read more 

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Always happening.

When the mangers have their favorites they can do anything. To playing on their phones to making up their own schedule. They appreciate people that don’t do much or nothing at all. To the ones that actually keep the store going they pay us no mind... —  read more 

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Forget how loyal you are to the company they don’t care! Forget how hard you work they don’t care! Forget about going above and beyond they don’t care! Forget how long you have worked for them they don’t care! If you don’t kiss their bu-t you won’t... —  read more 

Macon GA Store

All I can say is that they don’t appreciate their employees at all you could work for them for a long time and they will tell you, you can get a better position then give to someone outside the company the managers and leads don’t give a sh*t about... —  read more 

Macon ga

This company has gone to HE-L and Johnny just does not care any longer but I guess he has all the money he needs to live so he does not care. Then you have these managers in the store that are no good but to lie, and worry about there bonus they get... —  read more 

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Bonus = Cut all hours

Received a bonus only to see everyone’s hours have been cut in the store. Over the next 3 weeks I’m missing a total of 30 hours. This might last all the way to October. Seriously thanks for nothing.

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