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I am treated better than my wife's company

I have 80 hours of vacation + 55 or so hours in sick leave I can use. And that is AFTER the 80 hours of additional covid-19 PTO that they seemed to have given me. Just learned of this. I feel very well taken care of. I can work and save my time or... —  read more 

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Virginia store

Our store is staying open since we are “essential”. But there have been numerous team members ALL FROM TRACKER that have been terminated or furloughed until further notice. We were told we could take time off with no repercussions if we felt... —  read more 

Why are they better than the rest of us?

The Bass Pro Shops flagship store in Springfield is temporarily closing amid the Coronavirus pandemic. A spokesperson says the change is effective immediately "until we can establish further clarity about recently imposed... —  read more 

Tracker employees laid off

Tampa Bass Pro

Our manager concerns us an “essential” retailer! That’s is why we won’t close. The only thing we are selling is guns. Half the customers we have got don’t even know anything about guns. We are profiting off the fear of the population. We are all... —  read more 

This company should be ashamed of itself!

I work for this company and asked Human Resources to please close the stores. I expressed my concern that people like myself are in the higher risk category and shouldn't be here. I said as long as the store is open we feel obligated to go to work... —  read more 

Close the stores and take this serious!!!

I work at bass pro and the mall next to us is closed. Management doesn't care for their outfitters, where is management? at home taking care of themselves not caring about us. We just have greedy people who think ammunition and firearms are... —  read more 

Just a flu

To all you guys above stating all the virus is just a basic flu and calling everyone out for panicking are selfish and you are the ones who are narrow minded. Do you not realize that people have died from this virus all over the world. Sure keep Bass... —  read more 

bass pro restructure

Bass Pro restructures several teams, leading to layoffs

Why are we wasting $$$$ in Nascar??

We can't afford to hire help or fix anything, but once again we are p***ing away money in a sport with declining attendance and TV viewership. I just don't get it.

1/31/20 conference calls

Does anyone have any insight to the 3 conference calls held this past Friday? I have heard everything from Florida store managers being laid off to multiple stores being ran by one store manager.

KY3 post doesn't seem to make sense.....

GFIELD, Mo. – Bass Pro Shops says it "recently restructured several teams," leading to an undisclosed number of layoffs. Jack Wlezien, corporate communications director, released the following statement via email: "We routinely evaluate our... —  read more 

The end of the Bass Pro Shops call center?

Soon the Bass Pro Shops call center in Springfield, Missouri will be on the same order management system as all the Cabela's call centers in Nebraska. All the Springfield call center management jobs have already been given to Cabela's in Nebraska. ... —  read more 

Quad Graphics in Sidney

How long will Bass Pro need the services of Quad Graphics in Sidney, NE? Doesn't seem justifiable at this point for Bass Pro to have to foot the bill for mediocre advertising from this team.

New Management

How does everyone feel about the new upper management ? Or should I say the new Cabelas managers and how they run things.


For months the Bass staff has heard from our leaders how much opportunity this buyout of Cabelas was going to create for them. We are not 9 months into the buyout so lets evaluate all of the opportunity that has been created for Bass Pro staff: CFO -... —  read more 

Posted today on the Bass Pro section of

Corporate Rumors Rumor rampant at corporate is that the VPs they put in from Cabela’s are restructuring their areas to bring friends in as directors and managers from Cabela HQ Sidney and eliminate current Bass Pro directors and managers. If true... —  read more 

Corporate Rumors

Rumor rampant at corporate is that the VPs they put in from Cabela’s are restructuring their areas to bring friends in as directors and managers from Cabela HQ Sidney and eliminate current Bass Pro directors and managers. If true will affect IT... —  read more 

Pawns in a bigger game

Goldman Sachs isn't in the position they are in from being stupid! As Bass Pro struggles to make its payments, Goldman Sachs will fore an IPO for Bass Pro. After the initial capital of 5 billion spent in the cabela's acquisition is recovered... —  read more 

More restructure !

more changes are coming to thin down payroll cost in the stores.. apparently cutting Cabelas employees is not enough. start looking for something new if you are a lead or above

Cabela's merger

What do you think will happen when the merger is done? Any layoffs in Springfield to keep some jobs in Nebraska?

Denham Springs

Denham Springs let five managers and two hourly employees go. Reduced the housekeeping service to mornings and afternoons, none during the day.


Our store has let go the payroll, scheduler, front end manager, maintenance manager, camping, footwear, camo manager, fishing Manager and two team leads. I don't understand why let them go and still open more stores? I feel bad for the ones let go. I... —  read more 

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