Topics regarding layoffs at Bass Pro Shops

Topics regarding layoffs at Bass Pro Shops


Our store never has fish stuff in stock. Anyone else? Really starting to grind my gears. People come to the bass expecting stuff for… you guessed it… BASS. What the heck! What do I tell them when the poles are all gone. Bait, line, fish gear, not... —  read more 

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Has anyone else heard that we will be getting rid of club managers and going to a team lead? Rumor is another department manager probably front end will be over club and it’s going to have a team lead now.

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No HR representative.

My store hasn’t had an HR employee since last year. Ever since I’ve been working completely insane hours and everyone’s time off/available hours have been completely ignored. There’s some serious issues that we have no one to talk to or mediate with... —  read more 

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Tooele DC in Trouble?

Retail Sorter has been out of service for 3 weeks, the primary sorter for the building. Are we out of money? Why would a company like this allow your primary sorter be down for so long? Read the writing on the wall people they are going to shut... —  read more 

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Bed bath beyond employees

Our store hired half a dozen bed bath and beyond employees from a shutdown store and they can’t handle how we do things. Constantly complaining about shift times and lack of resources. We gave a lot of them positions that haven’t been filled in a... —  read more 

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Forbes article

Here you go. It's mostly just a good PR, but it has some good quotes. 7 min read.

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The cabelas layoff went on years doing the same negative comme nts iby what souned like one person pretending to be different posters.

Now how did the Cabelas layoff site work out for Cabelas. Although i am pretty sure most people would think a site like the Cabelas layoff com had no effect on the outcome. I am pretty sure nothing positive came out of the site and hopefully no... —  read more 

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People stealing and ops support

If ops support would watch customers in the store and stop watching the employees then maybe the store in macon ga would not have to cut hours so much, they are watching employees to see what they are doing so they can run back to managers when the... —  read more 

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Price increases and hours cut.

Anyone else a little worried that RedHead/Cabelas products are getting huge price increases and hours being cut earlier than usual? I’ve seen some items have $50 price increases.

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Things are getting worse

Company let most of their maintenance managers go in an attempt to save money. The facilities department as a whole has been decimated and they abandoned a lot of their preventative maintenance programs. Getting worse and will take years to get... —  read more 

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Who to contact?

I started bass pro not long ago and the club manager is absolutely horrible to me. She treats me like cr-p and starts rumors. I went to HR but he is too new and out GM is never in the store.

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Price increases but no stock.

Anyone have a better understanding of why price increase got insane over the last month for products just at bass pro and why the southern market is getting screwed on inventory? We have things marked 10-20 percent higher than at academy or most... —  read more 

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Heat in Cincinnati store 😡

For years we have suffered unbelievable heat issues in our store. Yesterday was 96 degrees. We were supposed to have a new store years ago. Mall in bankruptcy again. This is bad enough when they posted jobs…. It says must be able to work in in... —  read more 

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Our hours have been cut again.

I’ve been with this company for 5 years and it really feels like things are coming to a stand still with employees. This new review process has really gotten under my skin and for the past 2 months I’ve only been allowed 35-37 hours a week as a full... —  read more 

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Next restructuring

Aren't we due another restructuring? That seems to be the main tool management uses when they need to pretend they're doing something.

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Macon store

Is pretty bad when they conserve full-time 37 hours or less. To me full time is 40 hours, and the management sucks they expect one person to do everything & know everything! Everyone that’s good has Already left or plan on leaving. In micromanage... —  read more 

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Keep cutting back the full-time hours to encourage to them to leave. Eventually a part-timers ran store will turn off customers looking for experienced help. I think the company is not getting the best corporate decision makers. Something something... —  read more 

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Calling it quits after many years.

I’m gone! It was exhilarating! It was also kind of sad that I was ignored by upper management my entire last 2 weeks. They wouldn’t even look me in the eye. HR full on ignored my questions when asking about my retirement. I know I put my all into... —  read more 

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I’m OUT!!!!! After 10+ years!

I’m not gonna say how long I’ve actually been there but it’s been well over 10 years. I’m officially on to better, more pay better flexibility, no weekends, no nights, no holidays and very similar employment! The moment I gave my notice which was a... —  read more 

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Bass pro shops

You would think a Multimillion dollar company would up the pay for all of it’s employees with cost of living going up. But no they haven’t and probably never going to, this is why the company is loosing some many people.

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I feel stupid for staying here

Pretty much all my colleagues who left now have higher pay. Staying here means totally underselling yourself. Now that I've started applying for other jobs, I feel pretty stupid that I didn't do it a long time ago. It seems really difficult to... —  read more 

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