Topics regarding layoffs at Bass Pro Shops

Topics regarding layoffs at Bass Pro Shops

2021 Layoffs

Raises to riffs..2021 lay offs? What is the word out there? I hear lots of circulation that leads will have more responsibility and become key carriers...cutting more salary managers out.


Sad when you work in a bass pro store that has an employee postive Gor rhis but They will not let you know who, so how the HELL do you know if you have been around this merson

Seasonal hiring

I saw the company is doing seasonal hires. Anyone know if an employee who was laid off (not fired) can apply for those positions? I am also curious if anyone who was part of the layoffs back in the middle of the year has tried to apply. I’m just... —  read more 

How are your sales?

Sometimes I have to wonder why are we even open. I'm not complaining - I still have a job that's giving me some measure of security as I look for something else. But even I can see that the numbers don't justify keeping us in business. Are others in... —  read more 


Is it me, or does Bass Pro have a problem with their Ads ? I have worked here for a little over a year now, and it seems we never have enough ad goods, and sometimes don't get them at all. We usually run out of product in the first day or so, but... —  read more 

Basspro in macon

I thought a person had to be employed 90 days before they could apply for another job in the basspro stores as we have had 2 jobs open and people who have been at Bass Pro a while put in for them and they were giving to people who have not been here... —  read more 

Retention Bonus?!?!?

How in the heck is the company telling multi year full time outfitters/managers they can’t get bonuses/review pay increases for the entire year because of Covid, but turn around and hand out $1000 retention bonuses to new employees day 1. I’m in the... —  read more 

CLUB and Expectations

Word is CLUB is going to be restructured for the holiday. Company is going to be keeping a more aggressive eye on employees who struggle with it. Management might have to discipline at the same level as a no call/insubordination which include write... —  read more 

Grass IS greener

Former GSM here. I left several months ago and now work for a grocery store. One of the best moves I have ever made. For myself not feeling safe was the last straw but the past year contributed as well. Essentially I managed softlines and my team was... —  read more 

lost it's way

Sadly this company has gone into the toilet when it used to be the best place to work in retail. My store is now a joke and everyone hates it there now. They lecture about club constantly and they lecture about stocking and all they care about is... —  read more 

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