Topics regarding layoffs at Bass Pro Shops

Topics regarding layoffs at Bass Pro Shops

Bonus = Cut all hours

Received a bonus only to see everyone’s hours have been cut in the store. Over the next 3 weeks I’m missing a total of 30 hours. This might last all the way to October. Seriously thanks for nothing.

Over worked Under Payed

I started working at bass pro shop about a month ago and I have not liked it since I been here the managers are rude talk to you any kind of way but the money I make a week for someone to act like they don't appreciate it is bull cr-p this is a... —  read more 

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Babies in the shop

Some of the employees we have need to have pacifiers with all the whining going on. You get paid to do a job not stand around whining or worse yet try to get someone else to do your job for you. Then again, you’re the same person that runs to... —  read more 

I wish we had more leaders

It’s nothing but a good ole boys club up in here. At the store level there is no direction - no leadership to be precise. There is no such thing as lead by example. Only managers delegating away but won’t do follow ups or coach. He-l, most of the... —  read more 

Whats going on???

I have been at Cabelas for many years now. Our store is getting shorter and shorter on inventory. We only have a fraction of the product we used to have prior to the buy out. Customers keep asking if we are going out of business. No Fudge shop or... —  read more 

I needed a job

I really didn’t want to work here but after a divorce that left me having to start over I was desperate and took the first job that was offered to me. I had friends who worked there (and resigned). I had no illusions of what the company was like and... —  read more 

Just found out

I am a full timer with over 10 years with the company. Found out directly from a part timer in my department I am making 50 cents an hour more than them. They have maybe 1.5 years working here. Another reason to leave this place. Even the local... —  read more 

Soft line Pay issues?

We have no full time employees left in our soft line departments. I was asked recently to pick up shifts and offered a lead position in men’s apparel. Pay is 13.20 an hour and that seems REALLY LOW for a lead position considering how much I saw them... —  read more 

Notice or not?

How many who work for Bass would be professional and give 2 weeks’ notice? How many here would just quit once you’ve found other employment? Bass is my first job, but I’ve found something that would be better suited for me. My future employer wants... —  read more 

Thanks Bass Pro

So when we switched from cabela's to bass, it wasn't good enough that you took a week of vacation away from most of us, now you're taking our yearly raises away. Are you trying to get us to quit?

Lazy leads

I have been working here for over ten months now and the laziness that comes from this company and its leads and management is terrible.. The leads put off their job on people that don’t get their pay they don’t want to hop on the registers... —  read more 

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Not getting better

Seems you have to kiss b––t to get anywhere in Macon bass pro. They let the hard workers go and yet the ones that brown nose can get away with whatever they want... like being allowed to not have to wear a mask and wear short shorts. Or be lazy and... —  read more 

More employees leaving

Treat people like c––p and you lose hard working people. I corporate doesn’t do anything with all the emails that they’ve received so I guess they are waiting on someone to give them what they deserve. It’s coming. They will treat the wrong person... —  read more 

Culture Shock

I have watched the culture at my store go from Bass Pro to Walmart to below K-Mart? Store managers have gone from a sniveling weasel all the way to a genuine con man. Common thread with all managers is....get that bonus by any means possible. ... —  read more 

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I’m still here

So, how many took a job at Bass thinking it would only be temporary? You know, until something “better” comes along? Then years later you’re still here. I am one of those people. I thought eventually I’d find a better opportunity, but I never did -... —  read more 

Walk out

There has been talks between the employees at the Macon store of an employee walk out on March 20th at 1pm. The manager is unbearable. That store has become a miserable place to work. Corporate has been told by numerous employees but nothing has... —  read more 

Employees Resigning

The Macon location has had a lot of valuable employees to resign due to the management and HR. There’s going to be a day real soon someone is going to file discrimination on them. Everyone there knows the reasons. I guess they will do something at... —  read more 

Middle Person Macon

it’s a shame how some employees have to struggle to make sure they can make it to work, she has no clue because rules doesn’t apply. Again misses a day and is unaccounted for again. She must be special.

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