Topics regarding layoffs at Bass Pro Shops

Topics regarding layoffs at Bass Pro Shops

Any changes or resolutions yet?

From what I’ve read and what I hear the management is dreadful at the Macon location. I know a higher up HR figure came to the store and I wanted to know if anything had changed or been resolved? Did many people meet with HR while they were there? If... —  read more 

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Part Time getting scammed

I work part time and for the past 2 months I’ve been forced to work 35-39 hours a week. Managers never asked or made any attempt to work with me on scheduling before posting these hours. They won’t make any of us full time but are gladly taking... —  read more 

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Not getting better

Seems you have to kiss b––t to get anywhere in Macon bass pro. They let the hard workers go and yet the ones that brown nose can get away with whatever they want... like being allowed to not have to wear a mask and wear short shorts. Or be lazy and... —  read more 

More employees leaving

Treat people like c––p and you lose hard working people. I corporate doesn’t do anything with all the emails that they’ve received so I guess they are waiting on someone to give them what they deserve. It’s coming. They will treat the wrong person... —  read more 

Culture Shock

I have watched the culture at my store go from Bass Pro to Walmart to below K-Mart? Store managers have gone from a sniveling weasel all the way to a genuine con man. Common thread with all managers is....get that bonus by any means possible. ... —  read more 

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I’m still here

So, how many took a job at Bass thinking it would only be temporary? You know, until something “better” comes along? Then years later you’re still here. I am one of those people. I thought eventually I’d find a better opportunity, but I never did -... —  read more 

Walk out

There has been talks between the employees at the Macon store of an employee walk out on March 20th at 1pm. The manager is unbearable. That store has become a miserable place to work. Corporate has been told by numerous employees but nothing has... —  read more 

Employees Resigning

The Macon location has had a lot of valuable employees to resign due to the management and HR. There’s going to be a day real soon someone is going to file discrimination on them. Everyone there knows the reasons. I guess they will do something at... —  read more 

Middle Person Macon

it’s a shame how some employees have to struggle to make sure they can make it to work, she has no clue because rules doesn’t apply. Again misses a day and is unaccounted for again. She must be special.

Bonus for managers?

Looking for any information on bonuses to be issued in 2021. Thoughts on whether management will receive bonuses and if so, ballpark percentage? How are bonuses calculated? Last year was a tough year for everyone - curious if people will be... —  read more 

Unbearable customers

People simply lack empathy. Many of those we greet surely themselves suffer the whims of their superiors and the stress of uncertainty due to dismissals, but they come here and pass on their frustrations to us without any compassion. So we are... —  read more 

New Years

Is New Year’s Day still a paid holiday? It’s posted in our break room that it is, but my managers have told me that it is not. Just genuinely curious if this has changed. As a full time employee, I don’t mind the extra pay, but I felt like last year... —  read more 

Hours cut after holidays

Schedules just went up and it looks like my stores hours are getting cut after Christmas. Even department heads are getting lowered to 28-32 hours. Thought we would have a little while long before that would happen. Anyone else experiencing this?

There’s still hope

Is anyone seeing an uptick in sales during the Christmas season? Just 4 days left and I have to say I love having last minute shoppers! Chaching! We’re still a little understaffed but my coworkers and I have been catching the Christmas spirit and for... —  read more 

Retail is bad all around

I know a lot of people are unhappy at Bass. I read all the complaints here and they are valid. You’re unhappy with the way things are run, with management, and so forth. You can try to find another job with a competitor, but in reality you’ll find... —  read more 

Lost my respect

So I recently told my manager something in confidence and in return he told everyone what we spoke about. I had assumed the discussion would be kept confidential and now I feel betrayed that he has shared this with others. The only reason I spoke to... —  read more 

Johnny Morris

I have to wonder if Johnny has any idea how his employees really feel about these two boys that have taken over the macon Ga store. They treat there employees like c-ap talk to them like c-ap, and think we are to take it, Johnny makes millions and he... —  read more 

How did we do?

I’ve got some friends who work at other retail shops and they all said it’s been pretty bad. I think we did really well at my location. We seemed to be a little understaffed but it was nothing we couldn’t handle. Our customer counts were a little low... —  read more 

I actually like this place

I am a fairly new employee. I gave myself a year with the company to see if it would be a good fit. Well, my anniversary date is just around the corner and I have to admit I like this place. My manager is not as bad as some I’ve heard about and while... —  read more 

Who is prepared for it?

Anyone feel their store is not prepared to handle the onslaught of customers when Black Friday sales open? In the past we have always tried to prepare for it - but we always fall short. We either don’t have enough employees on shift - or we run out... —  read more 

2021 Layoffs

Raises to riffs..2021 lay offs? What is the word out there? I hear lots of circulation that leads will have more responsibility and become key carriers...cutting more salary managers out.


Sad when you work in a bass pro store that has an employee postive Gor rhis but They will not let you know who, so how the HELL do you know if you have been around this merson

Seasonal hiring

I saw the company is doing seasonal hires. Anyone know if an employee who was laid off (not fired) can apply for those positions? I am also curious if anyone who was part of the layoffs back in the middle of the year has tried to apply. I’m just... —  read more 

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