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Retention Bonus?!?!?

How in the heck is the company telling multi year full time outfitters/managers they can’t get bonuses/review pay increases for the entire year because of Covid, but turn around and hand out $1000 retention bonuses to new employees day 1. I’m in the... —  read more 

CLUB and Expectations

Word is CLUB is going to be restructured for the holiday. Company is going to be keeping a more aggressive eye on employees who struggle with it. Management might have to discipline at the same level as a no call/insubordination which include write... —  read more 

Grass IS greener

Former GSM here. I left several months ago and now work for a grocery store. One of the best moves I have ever made. For myself not feeling safe was the last straw but the past year contributed as well. Essentially I managed softlines and my team was... —  read more 

lost it's way

Sadly this company has gone into the toilet when it used to be the best place to work in retail. My store is now a joke and everyone hates it there now. They lecture about club constantly and they lecture about stocking and all they care about is... —  read more 

Get out while you can!

Cut payroll, fire people who know anything about hinting, fishing, or camping. Get a bunch of cheap managers who are obedient. Pay minimum wage to the low ranks and who cares if they can help customers or not. Fire them and hire new mo–ns. Stock... —  read more 

What an embarrassment

This chain cares more about the sale of a gun than the well being of its employees. Period. The employees who did not get furloughed DID NOT receive 2 weeks pay or a temporary pay raise. NOTHING. Disgraceful. Shame on you Bass Pro. To tout that... —  read more 


They are laying off all leads and assist Myers and full timers!! We just got word from HO and they can’t pay insurance. They are getting rid of excessive HR personnel, inventory shipment members and office workers. It does seem fair as we have seen... —  read more 


Hi folks! Any of you in Tracker trying to crank out record sales and not enough help? The stress is overwhelming.

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Rumors about more job loss?

We are one of the stores who has a GM covering three stores. Although I haven’t heard any rumors about additional cuts it wouldn’t surprise me. Things have been strange for awhile now. Nothing would surprise me at this point. Hope for the best !

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More reductions?

I have hears some rumors of additional reductions coming up in the next couple of weeks. Potentially more management, admin and HR. Anyone hearing anything about this or is it purely rumor?

Have you been called back?

Just curious out there, has anyone been called back? A gal I know has, and shes a part timer in soft lines. But as far as her and I know, shes the only one so far to be called back. Bout time for me to begin looking for a new job. I enjoyed some... —  read more 

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Please just quit.

Then just quit. If you’re really scared you are going to die just quit. Anyone thinking Johnny Morris owes them anything is being naive. Everybody complaining on here can make the decision for themselves not to work for someone they clearly blame for... —  read more 

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