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Bristow refuses to payout loss of license for pilot

A colleague and good acquaintance has asked for help after seeing my post on policies and procedures. Well isn’t this the best example of a large company hiding behind the “policies” for the sake of a few dollars, to put it in perspective it is an... —  read more 

Bristow Layoffs Houston Corporate 6/8/17 20 SMT members included in layoff. Bristow reported $78M loss in Q4. Oil and Gas downturn... —  read more 

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Bristow Group Layoffs 7/28

Layoffs in safety, IT, hums, supply chain, Houston corporate office. Pilots and mechanics in Australia. Stock price under $11. Stock was trading at $80 pre market oil crash. Company expected to lose money for fifth straight quarter due to oil... —  read more 

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