Topics regarding layoffs at Lam Research Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Lam Research Corp.

Lam's stock keeps dropping

The investment community has read the technical financials on Lam Research and decided that this is a "sell". Lam is just not making enough money on their sales. This has been a bad year all around for semiconductor equipment companies. The big chip... —  read more 

Business is really slow

I just heard from a friend who works at another Lam supplier. Business is really slow. They have some work but not much. They use to have a staff of 7 engineers and now they are down to 2. Hiring freeze and possibly another layoff (they had a small... —  read more 

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Any new layoffs at Lam?

Lam Research reported that September was going to be its worse month for sales this year. According to several posts on, Lam lost their contract with Samsung which is one of their biggest customers. The Lam stock (LRCX) has also been... —  read more 

Lam layoffs 6/14/18

Lam in Tualatin, Oregon reduced their headcount by 200 on 6/14. More to come. Headcount is to high. The amount of tools on the factory floor is down 60 percent since last quarter.

Bad news from Lam

Lam Research announced that their second half of 2018 will be slow. Sales are down. That means the temps will be let go (if they haven't been already) and that also means their suppliers will also be laying off. Happens every 3-4 years for the... —  read more 

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Layoff news? Temps?

It is a well known fact that Lam Research's work force in production is mainly temp workers. Does anyone have any news if they are hiring or letting them go? Usually the first sign of trouble at Lam is when the temps are let go. Does anyone have any... —  read more 

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