Topics regarding layoffs at Whirlpool Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Whirlpool Corp.

How many people is $150 million?

Do we know how many people will be let go this week as part of the $150 million cost cutting? I actually thought the number would be huge, but then I read that there was no WARN, so that kind of lowers the number. Any chance we can get the info here... —  read more 

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Practice what you preach

Leadership in Whirlpool doesn’t exemplify the corporate values within the company. “Own it” means to hold yourself accountable. However when mistakes that were made due to lack of resources or changes in management decisions occur, there is always NO... —  read more 

New Cuts are coming

We did cut 5,000 jobs in 2009, few hundred in 2013 and we have planned layoffs in 2014 mostly because of planned reduction in the overall demand for our products here in the states and in Europe.

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