Topics regarding layoffs at Acosta Sales & Marketing

Topics regarding layoffs at Acosta Sales & Marketing

Horrible company

RUN, Run as fast as you can, away from this company. I’ve been a district manager with the company for 5 years. On February 24,2022 at 11:45am., a lot of us were on a conference call where we were told that we were either being laid off, or offered... —  read more 

Did I miss something?

I understand that people are leaving this company, but lately it seems to me that more people are leaving than ever. I was suddenly left without some great colleagues. That's a little strange to me so I wonder if I missed something? Is... —  read more 

Very Very Very unfair

They pay great workers, those with a work ethic that show up everyday, complete all objective, never have to be monitored or micromanaged, THE SAME as those hired from beneath the bottom of the barrel, who never heared of a work ethic, who are not... —  read more 

Changing industries

I want out so bad I can almost taste it. I’ve been saving for a while trying to figure out what my first move should be. Do I try to begin a new career in another industry? Or do I continue in the same one. Has anyone successfully switched... —  read more 

Layoffs have started

Lots of lay offs and hours reduced yesterday in Convenience division. Some went from 40 hours to 20. They lost Mondelez, their biggest Convenience client, as of the first of October! Do we know more about what might be coming after this? I doubt... —  read more 


for those who are satisified with; Low wages No raises No job security Rude treatment by Acosta management Rude treatment by store management and employees Being just a number on a piece of paper Well, in short, working for one of the worst... —  read more 

Could have given warning

I started in jan. Full time. Was never told their contract was up for renewal, or subject to change. I worked the whole pandemic, i covered not only mine but another persons territory. I spent all my savings in car repairs to ensure continuity only... —  read more 

Do not go here for a job!

Worked 4 years for Acosta, had 5 different unit managers. Promoted to full time and driving home one day got an email stating that as of November 2018 I would be moved to part time 37.5 hours. This took away two sick pay weeks, all holidays, and Paid... —  read more 

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I did not like how the mass layoffs occurred in 2018/2019...I know team leads and above knew we were getting laid off but continued to lie when approached on the subject...just to finish off accounts without people bailing so the pockets of the... —  read more 


I have been layoff twice by 2 different divisions this year...and the third job i was set to start with them just layed off everyone. .but the newest scam that acosta is pulling is saying they are missing equipment or not sending new equipment... —  read more 

No raises ever!

Been working there for over 3 years. Have not gotten 1 raise. Similar companies are paying between 3 and 4 dollars an hour more for doing the same work. Time to move on.

More Lay Offs 6/3/2019

Acosta informed a big group of 70 merchandisers were let go on a conference call on 5/30. They were given 1 day notice that their last day was 5/31. Another group was told that their hours were reduced from 40 to 28 hours. Does anyone know if this is... —  read more 


Run far far far away from this nightmare. ..HR is a total complete joke...good luck trying to communicate with anyone with any common sense ....if you want to be treated like dirt from middle management because they didnt do their job...but get... —  read more 

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