Topics regarding layoffs at Alaska Airlines

Topics regarding layoffs at Alaska Airlines

Returning to Work

Andy email this morning. MDs and Ds going back ahead of vaccination. Then all employees back to office in June once vaccines are available. I guess the big bosses are expendable. Sounds right, haha. After a year or working remotely though with... —  read more 

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Alaska Airlines - The Purge

So the first of many call went out yesterday. Surprised to see the flailing "leadership" begin the cuts with long-term solid members of the Alaska team while they continue to ignore real health threats from Covid-19 Method of conducting the purge is... —  read more 

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No company wants to be the first to furlough but it’s going to be inevitable. How deep the cuts go is still to be determined. How long the furloughs will last will be longer than most would want. Nobody is flying. Everyone is scared to fly. This will... —  read more 

What Happens In October?

Bailouts are preventing layoffs now but that restriction ends in September. Modeling shows a best case return to flying at 10% reduced capacity but more likely 25% reduced capacity through the end of the year and into next. Listen carefully when Ben... —  read more 

Who's Next?

Contractors gone. Schedules gone. Bailouts don't allow furloughs. What about layoffs? Can they still do permanent reductions? Cut employees that got poor performance ratings?

Layoffs have already started

I can't believe there are people who are naive enough to think even for a second that this leadership will do everything it can to avoid layoffs. Are you kidding me with that??? Or do you think people who are not part of plane crews don't matter???... —  read more 

Upcoming IT Layoffs at Alaska Air

I can talk about IT only, not sure about everything else and how things will be affecting operations. On the IT side, there will be more outsourcing (if you are affected by outsourcing, you probably already know what’s in store)… Layoffs will happen... —  read more 

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Layoffs Monday

Confirmed in response to poor performance layoffs will come early on Monday the 29th. Action will be swift with effective termination dates of Nov. 2nd.

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