Topics regarding layoffs at Spirit Airlines Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Spirit Airlines Inc.

Say hello to layoffs!

Now that we're being acquired by Frontier, expect to see the redundancy layoffs, restructuring layoffs, optimizing layoffs, and who know what else they're going to call them. While there'll be some cuts at Frontier as well, expect Spirit Airlines... — read more 

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Spirit Airlines layoffs

I feel sorry for Spirit employees, but I can't think of a nicer batch of blood-s—ing parasites than Spirit Airlines for this to happen to. What a bunch of worthless, money-grubbing, enema-squirting entitled boneheads that considers fleecing... — read more 

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No layoffs at Spirit

I heard that Sun Country had layoffs recently - will look it up and post. I work for Spirit - we do not have layoffs. The company is OK, pay is good and I like people here. Again, no layoffs

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